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Mercury Conjunct Deneb Adige – Disguising the Hidden Truth

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Jungle shaman wide

Mercury today in the last full day of it's retrograde period, it turns direct just after 20:00 hrs London time (tomorrow). Right now Mercury is conjunct to and turning on the Fixed Star Deneb Adige, the brightest star in the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan.

This star is nicknamed the star of the Shamen, it has a mystical, enchanted and almost euphoric feel to it, it is gently powerful in a very subtle way. The Swan as a bird is strong and can be very protective and aggressive, so there is a duality about this star that one never knows exactly what qualities are going to come out.

Now Mercury is known as the trickster or the joker in the universe, and combining this it with Deneb Adige, I get the feeling that what you see or hear now might not be the full story, there will be a deeper or slightly confusing element to everything that is going on, as if you are being lulled into a trance or a false sense of security. Maybe veiled threats will be made in trying to hide something, maybe someone will use humor against you to disguise a darker truth? Maybe you will deliberately thrown off course, diverted or delayed for some reason? Remember until tomorrow Mercury is still retrograde and even direct still in the retrograde shadow and conjunct to Neptune.

The Shamen will be plying his magic for the next week or so until Mercury finally moves out of range of Deneb Adige on 22nd March...

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