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Memories of My Childhood

By Beersting @beersting

Let me start at the beginning. I was born on 24th June 1993, and was named Anurag by my mother. The name in hindi, my mother tongue, means somebody who is always loved or just love. I was raised in a nuclear family in Patna. I have an elder sister who is my favorite confidant and a younger sister. Of my initial years I don’t have much recollection but I am told that I was a shy child and usually kept to myself.

The first incident that I actually remember happened when I was still in kindergarten. We had our classes on the ground floor. It was a rainy season and we were all watching the pouring rain outside the glass window.  All the kids were busy in different activities, counting the water drops on the pane, racing them against each other and staring at the trees dancing and playing in the rain. I was just watching the boundary wall of the school getting wet when I noticed a puppy shivering profusely near the walls. I felt really sad for him and the next thing I remember is running out of the class to the puppy, while the teacher shouting my name to come back, and holding him tightly to my body and bringing it back to class. I tried drying him off by rubbing him against my shirt and made him eat my lunch. Though the teacher got angry with me for my madness, she liked my compassion for the puppy. I had committed my first act of kindness.

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