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Memo to the RSC: Sack Anthony Sher Now!

By Davidduff

Next Summer the Royal Shakespeare Company are playing Henry IV parts I and II with that splendid actor Anthony Sher playing the part of Falstaff.  He, of course, is a tremendously good actor but even so the RSC should take their courage in their hands and sack him because a new talent has burst upon the scene and, darlings, he is just so, so right to play the fat, rascally Knight.  Here are a couple of photos and when I tell you that his name is Paul Flowers, well, need I say more?

Memo to the RSC: sack Anthony Sher now!
Memo to the RSC: sack Anthony Sher now!


Sorry, sorry, Anthony, darling, you would have been brilliant but the advantage that dear Paul has over you is that he has lived the part!  Er, also, the accounts dept. tell me that the saving on padded suits will be welcomed.  Even so, Anthony, love, we do want you to stand by as an understudy just in case dear Paul is hauled off to the Tower by the current and all too real, Lord Chief Justice - honestly, 600 years go by and there's no difference between them, no sense of humor at all, must go with the job, I suppose!


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