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Melkco Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on the 25 October 2012 by Anna Peterson

Melkco cases for the most popular smartphones, such as Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, are yet to be heard of; however, although they are not that famous, Melkco offers us mobile cases made of finest quality leather. These stylish leather cases are all made to perfectly fit your device, offering specific cut-outs, so you could easily use all the features of the phone, without removing it from the case.

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S3, Melkco offers cases of various designs and types, all of them available in many different colours. We will mention only some of them:

Melkco Snap-on Cover for Galaxy S3

For those of you who love the simplicity, snap-on cover for Galaxy S3 is the right choice. Adding minimal amount of bulk, this cover will provide your phone will basic protection, but if you do not expose your phone to harsh conditions, it will be more than enough.

 Galaxy S3 Melkco Cover

Snap-on Cover for Galaxy S3 by Melkco

Melkco Flip Leather Case for Galaxy S3

This simple yet very stylish flip leather case for Galaxy S3 by Melkco is ideal for everyday use and impresses with its simplicity. It provides complete access to your smartphone, but the best part is that functionality is not affected.

Galaxy S3 Leather Case

Flip Case for Galaxy S3 by Melcko

Melkco Wallet Leather Case for Galaxy S3

If you want to merge your wallet and your Galaxy S3 case into one functional accessory, why not checking this wallet-style leather case for Galaxy S3? It not only provides all-round protection to your phone, but it also has additional pockets for credit cards, IDs and so on.

Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S3

Wallet-Style Case for Galaxy S3 by Melcko

No matter what type of Melkco case you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting the case made of highest quality materials, and your phone will be protected against dirt and scratches.

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By Claudia Sainz de Zenteno
posted on 26 July at 23:26

Nice case, but I would recommend the Pong Research Samsung Galaxy S3 case over this. I read that the cell phones emit a non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation; radiation which can be absorbed by the tissues and cells which come into close contact with the phone. That's why I did research and found a case that can reduce radiation exposure. I found cases from Pong Research, I read that this technology reduces exposure to radiation while optimizing the mobile reception. I was skeptical about it, anyway, I decided to try it, because Pong is the only technology proven in FCC-certified laboratories to reduce the exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit without compromising the device’s ability to communicate.

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