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Meet Poppy Our Beagle Puppy

By Thindes78
Meet Poppy our Beagle Puppy
 Meet Poppy our Beagle Puppy
Since losing our beautiful Jessie a couple of years ago I've wanted another dog for a while now, but we've been putting it off. Soon after we lost Jessie, Summer came to live with us, thus, it wasn't the right time for a new dog.  3 years on, and I was puppy broody.

I knew I wanted a beagle and for months I have been looking on the internet but nothing nowhere near to us. And one weekend at the beginning of August we were going to London for the day, and so I thought I would look to see if there were any beagle puppies for sale near the tube station where we park up - it was when I spotted her - the following day she came home with us. Her name is Poppy.

She is perfect! a typical loving, excitable and playful beagle. 

She is everything I expected from a beagle, she loves her cuddles, she is gentle and happy to see everyone! She is brave and intelligent - it doesn't take her long to learn something new; but a known trait with Beagles is also their stubbornness - so if she doesn't want to do something, she won't. She is great with children and good with other dogs - she tries every day to cuddle up to our Lhasa Apso Harvey, sometimes he lets her, most of the time he doesn't, and when we are out and about on walkies she greets every dog we come across with a happy wagging tail. 

Beagles have minds of their own. They are determined and watchful (she watches and learns from Harvey, (it is really cute) and they do require patient, along with firm training.  

I am enjoying her company and love spending time with her, playing with her and teaching her new tricks, as do the kids. 

Meet Poppy Beagle Puppy

She takes Harvey's retractable lead in her mouth and walks him until he protests and sits his bum down.
Meet Poppy our Beagle Puppy

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