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By Myfilmproject09

Well, I am certainly okay with this disease thing as they say, something that might hit someone of any ages. So, I am still certainly healthy and looking fine and a chance at working for Ghostkeeper 11,
So I'm having some laptop problems as well as trying to try to find new stories to keep you hanging around. Twenty years has a lot of stuff that you can read through it can be a rough ride. And which has two different parts.
Ghostkeeper: The two parts are both dealing again about film and TV and are part of FB. The first one is all about my first movie, made in 1980 and went dead but after about 20 years became somewhat of a lost movie and now has really created more into by Code Red DV and now with Ronin Flix who is the distributor. So far.
The Working Writer's Screen Play. The second part is about screenwriting. of which I wrote a book on screenwriting and has been going for a long time. I went to UCLA in Los Angeles and took writing classes and to actually teach screenwriting and of it, my book is still going still. I am thinking of writing screenwriting again because it's a lot of fun and also you might want to take a course.
How Not To Get Beat Up In A Small Town Bar. And I also wrote a travel writing book about a lot of people I've met including actors, small towns, looking for aliens and much more.  Here's this title:

Emperor Of Mars.
And finally, I wrote a children's book. It's a story about a small boy in a small town and thinks this little town will see a Martian came to the town and the 12-yr old. It's a story that is partial nothing and partial what happens when strange things begin to happen around a the 12-yr old begins to see aliens and connects to another strange people, an older soldier from a war who comes home with strangle ideas.
All of these are still out, the books and the movie still sells.
You can find my works are still running, as mentioned and I hope they stay more. It's hard now in this world of Covid worlds to deals with and nobody knows anything.
So, that's where I am.

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