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Maybelline Eye Studio Liner Gel In Brown

By Maybeitsmeganleigh
At the start of this year I decided that I wanted to master the art of gel eyeliner, as I have always favoured liquid liner. Mid spring I had cracked it & have been addicted ever since.
Maybelline Eye Studio Liner Gel In BrownI love my black maybelline gel eyeliner but I also love a subtle brown smokey eye (my safe go to look) & think that with this look black gel liner can sometimes be to harsh for a day time & especially in the summer, so I decided to try out the maybelline gel eyeliner in brown.Maybelline Eye Studio Liner Gel In BrownThe gel is a beautiful dark brown shade with a smooth consistency. Easily applied to the eyelid with out causing any dragging along the lash line, It comes with a brush which works well, but I prefer to use my Crown Brush C250-1 Taklon Liner as it gives me so much more control (see review here)
This lasts brilliantly on the lash line throughout the day, with no smudging even in the heat we've been having here in the U.K.Maybelline Eye Studio Liner Gel In BrownAlthough my one problem is I have recently become addicted to doing a cat eye (I don't feel my face is complete without it) & this product doesn't last very well in my tear duct area. So I am on the hunt for a gel eyeliner that doesn't smudge on the water line. If you know of any please let me know guys.Maybelline Eye Studio Liner Gel In BrownSince I've been using brown during the entire spring & summer, I now find black gel liner looks way to harsh for me & haven't used it since. It would seem I am now hooked on brown gel eyeliner.

£7.99 from drugstores such as Boots & Superdrug.Thanks for reading guys :)
Whats Your Go To Eyeliner?

Maybelline Eye Studio Liner Gel In Brown
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