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Maybe... a Job

By Myfilmproject09

Maybe... a job
This is my brain when I start a script. I like the yellow tablets, gives me some color besides just plain white. 
As you know I don't like saying I might be writing a screenplay for TV. Not gonna say which one but and not a bad one. I haven't really started writing and got bad marks for some things. Those are usually due to how a producer or exec reads the story. Everyone is different.
Are they all right. No. Nor are they all wrong. Just hope you get someone who really knows how to read what's up there in yellow. At least a few pages anyway. Every reader is different.
I've already torn up a few white pages before I go to yellow, but white is so... well, so white. With yellow you already are putting some color into your story. Really.
I also have the perpetual "hot script" going around to a "hot" actor and also two people are trying to get my S.O.B. pilot to read. And as you know all too well, nothing happens.
I'm also going to gather up my blogs and put them into a book for anyone who cares to read the blogs starting from 2008 up to now. Really a lot of stuff. I used to do 3 blogs every week. 
Three blogs a week.
I still think the best was the 4 months in Jasper Alberta on a series that was truly not very good but I had a great time in the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains. Truly.
So now what?
Here's another page of circles. I like circles, they seem to promote moving, as in action. Put circles on yellow paper and there it is. The beginning of something.
Sorry for the long wait.
Pray for me.
Or, at least a residual in the mail.
Maybe... a job

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