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Massage – History and Types

By Thindes78
Massage – History and Types
Today, people are taking special care of their body. We became extremely self-conscious and we are willing to invest a lot of our time and energy in order to lead a better and healthier life. Massage is the oldest therapy in which people have used in order to heal themselves. This almost natural ability to help others with simple touch is applied even today in our daily life. If we have a headache, we instinctively rub our neck and head in order to reduce the pain and tension. Similarly to that, we often start rubbing or massaging different, stressed parts of our body. Human touch is highly developed and sensual form of communication. Physical symptoms, such as fatigue usually mean that we are under a lot of stress and that our body needs a break. In most of the cases, massage is much better than medication. You can get a great massage in different parlors, especially in Uptown Spa in Toronto
There is numerous historical data which led us to believe that the massage is the oldest, known to man, physical treatment. The origin of the word is still unknown. According to some, it may be a term from F
rench, Greek or even Arabic language. The oldest script originates from China, where Nei Ching thoroughly described massage as a treatment for different types of ailments. There are even hieroglyphs found in Egypt that depict foot and hand massage. These hieroglyphs are dating from 2330 BC which only confirms our suspicions that massage is the oldest physical therapy. Modern massage was developed in 19th century by Swedish professor Per Henrik Ling. Naturally, it was called Swedish massage and this is today the most common type of massage which you can receive in any massage parlor. Mister Ling established an institute for massage and gymnastic in Stockholm.
We can differentiate three basic types of massage. Hygienic massage is a great treatment for the body which helps the development of the organism. It is important for keeping its shape, for reduction of fatigue and strain on the muscles, for reduction of skin elasticity and some additional effects. Sports massage is widespread today. All sports clubs use it and it is very important for the health of the athletes. It is used before and after the training, it increases elasticity of the body while reducing strain on muscles and joints. It is often used as a treatment of sports injuries and especially for swelling and lymph edema after injury. Finally, therapeutic massage is used as a treatment for diseased organism. It is only done by specialized therapist, well versed for the particular treatment.
Massage can be dividing into:
  • Manual (basic type of massage, done by hands)
  • Massage with different equipment
  • Aero physical therapy (massage with air filled with different pleasant odors)
  • Hydrotherapy (water and water pressure are used as a tool)
  • Cryotherapy (massage done with ice and different cold gels)
  • Aromatherapy (different oils are used for this massage, usually pleasant smelling)
  • Lymph therapy (highly demanding therapy which can be done only by certified technicians)
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