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Martabak Cafe | Ultimo

By Takeeatfoodblog
PictureCalling out to all Martabak lovers, there is a hidden gem tucked in Ultimo that you must try now... NOW! Martabak Cafe Australia is a great place for anyone who loves Indonesian food or food in general and that should be everyone. The menu consists of savoury and sweet dishes and on this visit my friend and I decided to choose a sweet option. So you may ask What exactly is Martabak (or Murtabak)?? According to trusty Wikipedia- Martabak is a stuffed pancake or pan- fried bread which is commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Yemen and India. Depending on the location the ingredients may vary significantly. My friend, who is Indonesian, told me that martabak is a very popular street food and is eaten commonly there- sweet and savoury.
There are different options to create and fill your martabak with and the instructions can be found below.
This is how you order:
Step 1: Chose your pancake base:
- Original
- Pandan
Step 2: Chose the size of your martabak:
- Half 5pcs
- Full 10pcs
Step 3: Chose filling:
- Peanut
- Chocolate
- Chocolate Peanut
- Chocolate Cheese
- Peanut Cheese
- Cheese
- Chocolate Peanut Cheese
- Durian Cheese
- Durian
Step 4: Optional/ Extra:
- Banana $1
- Sesame $1
- Chocolate sprinkles $1
- Cheese $2
- Nutella $2
Chocolate Peanut with Pandan base | Half Size 5pcs | $8.95
My friend and I decided to order the Chocolate and Peanut filling on a Pandan base in half size (5pcs). The portion is very big and there is a generous amount of filling stuffed inside the Martabak.  The Martabak did not have any pandan flavouring in it but it was extremely light and fluffy. The Martabak did quite get sweet after the first piece so this is best shared and eaten slowly.
PictureThe paying system was a little bit strange, you can either pay by cash or netbank them- they don't have an eftpos machine. So I would recommend bringing some cash along when you dine here. Overall, this was a very quiet and enjoyable dining experience and they definitely delivered authentic Martabak. My friend even said it was as good as back at home in Indonesia, so I guess that says something :P
Also sorry for being a bit MIA lately, I just came back from sunny Thailand so expect some new content soon! :)
Happy eating x
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