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Mars Conjunct Capulus Then Algol - Into the Danger Zone

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


These aspects will be active from tomorrow through until Monday 27th May

Ok Mars is now entering the stars of the warrior constellation Perseus and this is always a very tricky and nasty time in Astrological terms. Mars will hit Capulus first in the next day or two and then connect with the demon star Algol on 24/25th May. So why is this so potentially nasty? Well we have the planet of aggression, action and force in line with two of the most aggressive and difficult stars in the skies.

As I explained Capulus is an intense star and quite dangerous star which sits in the sword held by the warrior of the skies. This is a passionate influence, direct, single minded and sometimes brutal in nature; it is also connected to male sexual energy. Mars making contact here can be macabre and sees actions of a kind that is unfeeling and very uncaring. I think this is a cold and nasty influence and one which could see some atrocious occurrences in the world.

Algol, which follows on after Capulus is a binary star that appears to blink on and off every 68 hours or so. About the Greek mythology connected to this star, you will know that Perseus had a task to kill the Medusa, the snake headed gorgon who would turn any mortal to stone should they look into her eyes. Algol represents the Medusa in Perseus' hand and it has a fearsome reputation as one of, if not the most notorious stars in the heavens. This star through the ages has been known to be a harbinger of doom connected to violent events including death in the most horrible of circumstances. These are exceptional events though, as many millions of people have connections to Algol. The more usual interpretation of Algol is one of passion and power, especially the idea of female power. This is one of those things that many men fear most, the hypnotic effect of the seductress or the lover who will leave them in her wake.

Mars connecting here is a dangerous influence. We may see incidents of huge passion and rage and crisis situations and those of great destruction may pop up around the world. Through this passion we can achieve great feats of achievement too, so this star is not all bad, but there is a fine line between passion and anger and this is one that we are all going to have to tread in the coming days...

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