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Mars Conjunct Acubens – Bringing Your Plans into Fruition.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This aspect comes into force on 17th September 2013 and will last until 20th September at 13:50 degrees Leo.

Acubens is the most prominent star in the constellation of Cancer and is actually a double star placed in the crab’s claw. The position of Acubens has always been important as far back as 2000 years ago when the Sun’s entrance to this constellation heralded the Summer solstice, and the point in the Northern hemisphere when the days began to get shorter in length. The Greeks in their mythological stories said that a crab was sent by Hera (the wife and sister of Zeus) to assist the Hydra who at the time was in a fight to the death with Hercules. Hercules did crush the crab and in thanks for the unselfish act of sacrifice in the face of danger, Hera placed the crab in the heavens. The Egyptians saw the constellation of Cancer as a scarab beetle and a symbol of immortality and this part of the sky was regarded as a gateway of souls where they entered the human realm. So we have the issues of the beginning and ending of life (quite appropriate as this is a double star with a double meaning) all connected here through this one constellation.

Cancer 1

As you may know, Cancer is the 4th sign in the zodiac, sitting at the bottom of the chart, the foundation of life. This is a starting and an ending point, as all the planets when they reach this position have to start moving upwards. This is another feature of this star and the constellation of Cancer and of Acubens, the idea of cardinality and starting things up, being pro-active and giving birth to new initiatives.

Mars brings energy and action to this star, and decisions and plans will be activated over life and death issues. As I see it, the ideas that have been brought into being under Mercury’s connections to Diadem and Vindemiatrix (you can see more about these short conjunctions on my Facebook page) will have to now acted upon once this link up is made. To back this assumption up, I have just heard that Syria must now make formal presentations to Russia and the US about its chemical weapons stocks within one week. That absolutely ties in to the time line of this conjunction with the threat of force or sanctions (Mars) being activated by the superpowers if Syria does not comply. Yet again the planets and the stars seem to be predicting the agenda in world today.

How does this conjunction affect your life? I think that if you have an idea or a plan in mind, then you can take steps to get it going. This conjunction has the idea of taking plans and ambitions in your head and putting them onto paper or into some kind of form so that you can make them work, in effect giving birth to them. Early on in this conjunction Mars will be making a trine to Uranus and a sextile to Mercury so I feel a real impatience in the air with these connections. As such, be careful not to implement anything too quickly or before you are absolutely ready to do so, lest you might make some vital errors. The end of this conjunction on the 19th coincides with the Full Moon in Pisces, a time of compassion and service. If your ideas incorporate these values of helping people or providing them with things that they need, then it may be a very good time to get them up and running…

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