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Marks & Spencer 'the Floral Collection', "Iris" Moisture Rich Shower Cream

By Prayati @prayatibaxi
Hi guys !! First of all, I am really sorry for the bad picture quality and background in this post, I was just not in that zone today, but I wanted to put a post up anyways...I promise to click better pictures next time.
Moving on, I love using the floral collection range of body washes and moisturizers..they are very creamy and I love the scent of them....I have almost the entire range with me I think....
Today I am reviewing this shower cream from the same range,

Capturing the classic floral fragrance of Iris, this luxurious foaming shower cream will gently cleanse your skin leaving it soft, smooth and beautifully scented
INR 395 for 250 ml


Sodium laureth sulphate : Commonly known as SLS you need to know that it is very harmful for your eyes and skin
Iris extract: it helps fighting against wrinkles, dryness and skin slackering
Parabens: very bad reputation of causing various diseases
1. It has a very cute packaging with flip-flop packaging which is quite sturdy...I have traveled with it and it did not leak or stain

2. It has a creamy consistency and it lathers very well...only a few drops are enough to give you rich foam

3. The scent is really florally and mild...however it does not linger on for a long time which is kind of bad but its okay because it keeps me fresh all day long
4. It does what it claims and cleanses my skin very well, leaving it soft and smooth...I have noticed that I perspire less after using it
1. Provides rich lather2. Little goes a long way3. Leaves skin soft and refreshed4. Cleanses well
1. Contains harmful ingredients2. Kinda pricey for a shower cream
I will try other shower creams from the same range...these are worth a try
till the next post
xoxo prayati
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