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Mario Badesco Update

By Lollicious @lollicious
3 days later and my skin is literally improving by the dayMario Badesco Update
Mario Badesco UpdateThe  Mario Badesco service is amazing, I received a ton of free samples and every order gets three samples..
The Buffing Lotion has decreased the size of my systic pimples greatly in only three days I am thrilled.
Cystic Pimples look like this
Mario Badesco Update

What Is A Blind Pimple?

Pimples are generally caused by swelling of the skin as a result of skin pores getting clogged either due to dust or hormonal changes in the body. The basic difference between a pimple and a blind pimple is that these do not have a head whereas a pimple has a colored head. In a majority of cases blind pimples simply appear like a swelling. The basis cause of these types of pimples is not clearly understood yet. The generally understood reason is that it results on account of the imbalance in the body caused by hormones. The changes in the hormonal balances cause the sebaceous glands to secrete more oily matter leading these glands to increase in size. This results in swollen bumps and if these bumps are without a head, they are called blind pimples.
It is a normal tendency to be tempted either to squeeze or poke a pimple. One should, as a rule, avoid using pointed articles like pins, needles etc. to drain the pimple contents. By using a pointed object, one will increase the risk of getting an infection. It may also result in a scar or damage to the skin. It is advised to allow the blind pimple to form an outlet in the normal course. One can take precautions to hasten the creation of an outlet.
One can ensure that a hot compress is done regularly on them. Normally a washcloth is soaked in water which is hot or warm. After the excess water is removed, the warm and moist washcloth is pressed on it. The washcloth is compressed on the blind pimple till it becomes cold. This process is repeated at frequent intervals and it will lead to the presence of head on the pimple without a head. Once the head is formed then it will drain out easily as time passes. Some skin types will not react to the above treatment and in such cases one can also try apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil. Some prefer to apply toothpaste but then with the use of toothpaste, there is a high probability that it will cause irritation of the skin.
Finally to avoid the outbreak, one should ensure that the skin is kept healthy and clean. One should regularly cleanse the face with water, preferably mild soapy and also ensure that the skin is kept clean from grease, dirt, oil etc. Water intake of 10-12 glasses a day will ensure that the toxins in ones body is flushed out. Adequate intake of water will also keep the skin adequately hydrated. A well balanced and a healthy diet will also help in the process.
In the end if nothing works it is advisable to consult a dermatologist for help.

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