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March Birchbox Review

By Asullivan @asullivan85
HEY! My Birchbox arrived and wow, its a good one.
March Birchbox Review
If you don't already, please join us THIS Friday for the Birchbox Beauty Bash. It is a linkup for all things beauty (not just Birchbox subscribers)! DIY's, tutorials, reviews...just about anything.
You will find my monthly vlog below, don't worry...I say um about 83674536 times and have a child running around me. I left out/forgot the Hair Powder pictured above, simply because I had used it earlier in the day. Its fab. I had never used powdered dry shampoo, just the spray kind. I'm sold. Super easy to use and added great texture to my hair. My ponytail seen in the video was possible because of the Hair Powder (I had just spent 2 hours in the 40 mph winds, not even kidding).

If you are interested in a subscription to Birchbox, go here for details! 

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