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Many Pasta Shapes

By Pshinde2109 @pshinde2109

And pasta has been always at the center of these tables. With an infinite variety of authentic pasta and sauce pairings ,it's no wonder Italian families can eat pasta every day and never get bored.

Many Pasta Shapes

Types of Pasta and Shapes

Stelline-These tiny stars used in soups throughout Italy from childhood on. A charming and fun introduction to pasta.

Farfalle-'Butterfly' or 'bow-tie' pasta from 16th century Northern Italy goes beautifully with Barilla Calabrese sauce, made from tomatoes and sweet peppers.

Linguine-Long and flat, thinner than Fettuccine. Great with seafood-or just basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, and cheese for pesto Genovese.

Cellentani-Its whimsical corkscrew shape makes it fun to eat and perfect with a hearty sauce to wrap vegetables, meat or fish in every forkful.

Spaghetti-A ridged version of classis spaghetti with delicate grooves to hold in more sauce per bite, such as spicy barilla Arrabbiata Sauce, its perfect accompaniment.

Campanelle-Shaped like a bellflower. The hollow centers are perfect for capturing hearty sauces like cheese.

Many Pasta Shapes

Tortellini-Delicate egg pasta, folded around savory cheeses and pinched into a distinctive ring. Perfect with butter ,olive oil or pesto.

Conchilie-Inspired from seashells in coastal towns and also known as Medium shells, this is delicious with all cheese.

Rigatoni-Tube-shaped pasta with distinct ridges-two features that deliver more sauce per bite. Pairs nicely with tomato based mushroom sauces.

Orzo-Named after barley and rice-shaped, its perfect in soups such as escarole. For a nice surprise, substitute it for Arborio rice in your next risotto.

Fiori-Means 'to flower' and this authentically Italian pasta will decorate any plate beautifully. Pairs nicely with hearty dairy sauces like cheese.

Capellini-Also known as Angel Hair, this ultra-thin pasta is best dressed with a light tomato-or dairy-based sauce with slivers of vegetables.

Sauces and Shapes Book will give very nice idea about which sauce goes with which shape. This book is the Winner of the 2014 International Association of Culinary Association (IACP) Award
and got lots of readers reviews. The indispensable cookbook for genuine Italian sauces and the traditional pasta shapes that go with them.

If there are many more, please send me message, I will update this post.

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