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Mallzee – Personal Shopping App

By Beautybykaris @beautybykaris

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Hey There,

Now I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to shop. Being a self confessed shopaholic, or online spending addict, shall we say. I was extremely excited to hear about *Mallzee’s  personal shopper App.

Being someone who spends hours, (Literally), trawling the internet, often filling baskets full of clothes on numerous sites, (And sometimes being good and emptying them), having an app which personalizes my shopping experience, and allows me to view over 200 retailers, (Including my most visited sites, ASOS, Motel, Mango and so much more) makes me extremely happy.

The more you use the App the more it picks up on what you ‘like’ and ‘dislike’. You can search for specifics, or just browse through the brands you love. It even allows you to get rid of the items you don’t like. You can swipe ‘left’ to hide, and swipe ‘right’ to save.

The best bit is… you can connect with your friends, comment and share your picks before you make that all important purchase.

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Although this App, is just another excuse for me to shop, I think it could save me money. My theory is, if I am able to search all my favorite brands under one App, AND narrow my search, e.g white midi skirt, I’m less likely to add other items to my basket/wishlist. I’m not going from site to site, or seeing the homepages of my most loved retailers that put more outfit ideas in my head. I’m spending less time hunting around for one item, so I’m less likely to come away with more. What do you think? Is my theory correct or am I just kidding myself?

I think this App is a great idea, not only is it perfect to use from the sofa with a cuppa, but also when your out and about. You can look up retailers when your shopping with friends and then hit the stores when you see something you like from the App. No need to crawl through all the shops to find what your looking for….Unless your like me, and sometimes just don’t know what you want, but know that retail therapy makes you happier, (The words of a girl with a shopping problem).

Unfortunately, the App is only available from Itunes. I have a HTC phone, so at the moment can only use *Mallzee at home on the Ipad. I know its mobile, but I don’t fancy taking it out shopping with me.

Have you got the Mallzee’s App yet?

I’m off to find an LBD.

Lots of Love,

KB xx

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Unfortunately I have a HTC phone, so I only have Mallzee on my Ipad, but imagine how handy it would be when your out an about in the shops.

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