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Makeup Storage

By Littlebird @LittleBird_Blog
Over Christmas I received a fair amount of makeup and because I will be hopefully earning some moneys this year I will be spending it on makeup, clothing and food. And my old makeup storage was two small draws in my dressing table with plastic take away style tubs and they was full to the brim (and I had a HUGE clear out) and I couldn’t see what I had to use so I was using the same things all the time. And another problem I had was I had so many picture frames, jewelry boxes, hair and skin care products on top of my dressing table and it looked really cramped. And I also got a vintage record player for Christmas and as you can imagine it’s not as small as a docking station, but it’s a hell of a lot better and interesting then docking station I can tell you that! So I had nowhere to put anything!
Makeup StorageSo after Christmas my mom generously got me a big 3 draw chest of draws from IKEA along with some plastic cutlery type storage things and some canvas type one too which was deeper.
The chest of draws is a white 3 draw chest of draws and was £35 (link here).
But because the draws are so big, my makeup stock looks strange. Some people might think I have a lot of makeup some might not, but I am so so happy and grateful with the amount I have, its more than enough for one face, but as the months go on, it will get filled a little more, which I’m looking forward too!
But this is how I’ve set it out.
In the top draw I have my makeup.
Makeup StorageStarting from the left in the first plastic divider: I have my liquid foundations in the small front left section,
My powder foundations and concealer’s in the small front right section,
Then my blushes in the middle left section,
Mascaras and liquid eyeliners in the middle right section,
And bronzers and highlighters in the large section at the back.
In the middle plastic divider:I have my eye shadow pallets in the large section at the front,
Primers, base’s, various creams and other miscellaneous things in the middle left section,
Lip glosses and lip pencils in the middle right section,
A little glass with eyeliners in that’s sitting in the small section on the left at the back,
And next to that in the left section I have lip sticks and lip treatment type things.
Then on the right: In the two take away type tubs, one had duo eye shadows and one has trios,
And in the canvas type sections the one at the back has single eye shadows and the one at the front holds pigments.
Makeup StorageThen in the second draw:I have face wipes, cue tips, and cotton wool pads housed in canvas type section,
And at the back of that in another canvas storage thingy is other various eye shadow pallets,
In the middle I have all my hair tools, at the back of that I have my hair extensions (in the orange bag),
On the right, are nail things, just various nail tips, nail art and my electric nail file,
Finally on the back of that I have various fake tanning things.
In the third draw I just keep college work, camera things and other random stuff that you don’t need to see :)
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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