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Makeup Social Mysterious Mascara

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Makeup Social Mysterious Mascara
Makeup Social Mysterious Mascara
My new makeup purchases are much like a blind dating site, there is always a backup plan.
I am sure you have all heard those stories or even have been apart of those situations where you are going on a date with someone you barely know and have texted your best friend or family friend to fill them in. If things go wrong or they are not quite right there is a text message that there has been an emergency and you need to leave ASAP!
Well I am very much like that with my makeup purchases, with everything I purchase or try out I always have a product on stand by in case things go wrong. Makeup Social Mysterious Mascara
So recently I have been offered the opportunity thanks to Makeup Social to try and discover for myself what this brand new mascara was, which may I add was in a plain Jane packaging with no hints what so ever.
My first impression was the beauty queen inside me wanting to know what brand the product was and what I was actually going to apply to my eyeball hairs haha.
Then I examined the packaging a little further. It is hard to comment on packaging because like I said it is plain to keep us guessing.
I pulled the wand out and was surprised to see the fine little rubber like bristles and excited at the same time. I know personally these little bristle separate the lashes without clumping, so I was excited to see such a brush.
The formula looked to be a good consistency but there was only one way to find out… So after applying it to my lashes I was very happy with the results and I was instantly drawn to the thought of this product being a high end product of some sort.
Makeup Social Mysterious MascaraBeforeMakeup Social Mysterious MascaraOne CoatMakeup Social Mysterious MascaraSecond and Final Coat (No curling wand or anything needed!) 
For me it would certainly have to be the applicator and bristles on the head, which perfectly separate my lashes.
Makeup Social Mysterious Mascara
The product is also buildable, which means I can build the mascara up to make it look like I was flaunting fakies!
It is so hard to separate this from a group of high end products I have in mind, but I am going to go out on a limb here and go with BENEFIT as this brush and formula just remind me all too much of my beloved They’re Real Mascara.
But then I want to also put in there a “drug store”brand and think the first brand that comes to mind is RIMMEL.
I would be more then happy to purchase this product again in the future, no matter what brand it happens to be as it is a great all round mascara!
Makeup Social Mysterious Mascara

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