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By Uglytruthis

The beauty within the survivors is so much greater than the evil that’s been  inflicted on them.”

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“All you have to do to get you to go to bed when you were little was to tell you not to go to bed. It would work every time.” said my narcissist father, so proud of his exceedingly surpassing intellingance…reverse psycology. This kind of manipulation was a way of life around my house.

He would mentally and emotionally belittle me as a child. Always making sure to put me down in crafty fashion, in order to feel superior. He would dominate everything, from conversations to rules and make me feel utterly incapable. Daddy’s are supposed to tell their little daughters they are loved and important. His messages made me feel nothing but disgust.

I remember if my mom did not do what he wanted her to do he would fall on the bed and weep dramatically, until she gave into his games. It felt like I was living with a little girl instead of a father. This kind of physiological madness carried ugly messages about myself into adulthood.

  • Everyone hates me
  • I will never amount to anything
  • I will fail
  • I am stupid
  • I will never succeed
  • I am ugly/fat
  • I can not do anything well
  • I am useless
  • There is something wrong with me
  • I mess everything up
  • I was a mistake

Counter negativity with positive messages

  • When I believe in myself, so do others
  • I am my own unique self and that is beautiful
  • I am at peace
  • I release any anxiety I am holding onto
  • I am the perfect weight for me
  • I am becoming better everyday
  • There is hope for the future
  • I am willing to try new things courageously
  • I am capable of the impossible through faith

It is ok to feel. It’s ok to speak out. You can not take away someones voice. Every voice can make a difference. Thank you to all the lovely bloggers who are speaking up against abuse. I would like to specially thank my dear friend Behind the mask of Abuse for her care and understanding. Her kindness has changed my life <3

Don’t let anyone stop you from being the beautiful soul you were made to be.

Stay strong<3 you are not alone


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