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Mail Call Monday: Perfume Woes

By Beauteandtheblog
Hello everyone! I'm back with a new Mail Call Monday :)
Mail Call Monday: Perfume Woes
Today's question is from Kate:
Hi Belle,
I have a huge amount of trouble trying to get perfume to last on me. Literally no perfume I've tried has, and I've tried plenty. Do you have any tips? Perfume is so expensive that I hate spraying it so many times. Is it really so much to ask to smell good??

Good question Kate! I'm a huge perfume fanatic.. I have way too many for my own good, and sometimes, I have the same problem.
Mail Call Monday: Perfume Woes
First, I just want to point out that it might not be you--some perfumes just last longer than others. I would recommend trying out a spray at Sephora or Ulta so you can check out the lasting power before you buy.
If that fails though, here are some tips to help you keep the scent!
  1. Perfume just naturally lasts better on oily skin, so if you have oily skin, you're in luck! Otherwise, here's a trick you can try: Mix your perfume in with an unscented lotion, and rub that on your pulse points (inside of your wrist, neck) The lotion will help your scent stay put!
  2. Get the EDP (eau de parfum) as opposed to the EDT (eau de toilette). EDPs are more concentrated, so you're going to get more scent, and it'll last longer. It's generally more expensive though.
  3. Spray the perfume on your hair - The perfume won't evaporate as quickly as it would from your skin, so voila! Longer lasting perfume. 
  4. Layer the scent - If you have the perfume in a shower gel, lotion, and spray, layer them to get maximum scent! Start with the shower gel in the shower, lotion up when you get out, and then finish off with a spray. Just make sure you don't overdo it. 
Hope that helps you guys out! And here's what I want to know: What's your favorite fall/winter perfume? I'm looking for a new one! Post down below!

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