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Mail Call Monday: Favorite Foundation?

By Beauteandtheblog
Hello everyone!
Yes, it's back! Mail Call Monday!
Mail Call Monday: Favorite Foundation?
To be honest, I had actually forgot about this for a while until one of my lovely readers reminded me. But yes, hopefully I can get back to doing these every Monday now :)
One of the most popular questions I get is some variation of, "Belle, what's your favorite drugstore foundation?" and gosh, I can't believe I haven't made a post about it yet!
It's an oldie, but a definite goody. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse! The only reason I haven't done a review of this is because it's such an old product, and you could probably find a whole bunch of reviews.
Mail Call Monday: Favorite Foundation?
Mail Call Monday: Favorite Foundation?
My shade is Natural Beige, Medium 2.5, which is actually going to be a little too dark for me in a little while. So, I'm on a hunt for a new favorite foundation for winter. Ask me my favorite foundation in a couple months, and it's probably going to change!
I just absolutely love the texture of this; it's so smooth and silky, and I can blend it in so easily with just my fingers. It gives a really flawless light finish, and it's completely matte. 
Absolutely love this stuff. But, I can never stay on one foundation for too long. I've already started looking for my next favorite!
What's your favorite foundation?

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