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LUXA2 Lille for iPhone 4S: Answer the Call Without Opening the Case

Posted on the 13 June 2013 by Anna Peterson

Were you ever annoyed when your phone rings, and you hectically try to find it in your bag, than in all that rush about answering the call you need to open the phone case or take your phone completely from its pouch, and all this even before you know whether you want to answer that call at all? Thanks to the Luxa2 Lille iPhone 4S Cases of the future, answering a call is much easier.

iPhone 4S flip leather case

Just one quick look at this iPhone 4S case will show you why it is so special. It has openings on the front so you can see who is calling you and you can answer a call without actually opening the case. The overall construction of the case is rather unusual: it is a flip-style case, in which you paste your iPhone! Yes, you read that right! Special adhesive material on the inside of the case will keep your phone in place.

You can choose from six colours of extremely thin (only 2mm!) and light Lille iPhone 4S case. Its convenient lightweight design is perfect for everyday use and protection of your phone; it does not add bulk to your iPhone, but it provides front and back protection from scratches and bumps.

LUXA2 Lille for iPhone 4S: answer the call without opening the case

How to install the iPhone:

Wipe off the dust and dirt from the surface of your iPhone 4S / 4. Open the Lille iPhone 4S case, peel off the protective film from the pressure-sensitive adhesive rubber inside. Align the camera opening of Lille case with the camera on iPhone 4/4S; firmly press the iPhone 4/4S back to rubber adhesive, and you are all set!

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