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Lush: Yuzu and Cocoa

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hey everyone,
sorry i havent done a post in agesssss, i have been working very hard and then when im not i relax and eat and things, before my next shift.
so sorry about that guys, i feel like im saying this alot but its true or well
anyway, as you might know, i love lush, and ive got a bubble bar to show you
yuzu and cocoa:
lush: yuzu and cocoa
i used this in 2 halfs, so i broke it apart into 2, this is called a bubbleroon because it is loosely spouse to resemble a macaroon :D
We’ve had a thing about Yuzu (a type of Japanese mandarin) ever since we found out that in Japan, at winter solstice, they score the skin of the fruit with a knife and drop one in the bath to release its oils and smell. They call this ‘yuzuyu’ (yuzu bath).  this smells amazing, it has cocoa absolute, grapefruit and burgamot oils, yuzu and citrus oils,
so a hell of a lot really, and its so nice in the bath makes you feel all warm and cosy inside :D,
honestly the bath doesn't turn an amazing colour, but who cares really?
lush: yuzu and cocoa
lush: yuzu and cocoa
it looks abit milky in this picture, but the water actually turns like an orangey colour, there wasnt really any bubble, which for a bubble bar you do normally get but it was more like a bath bomb, so maybe thats why they called it something different.
but overall a nice bath and will differently buy again :D xxx
lush: yuzu and cocoa

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