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Lunar Eclipse 25th April 2013 – Transforming Relationships for Better, Or for Worse.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Lunar Eclipse

On 25th April we start to enter eclipse season, one Solar and two Lunar eclipses are coming up to change our world. Eclipses cut out the normal light either from the Sun or the Moon disrupting the energy flow from them. In Astrology, they can have potent effects on us which are often delayed for several months, often seminal moments in our lives can be associated back to eclipses and where they land in our own personal charts. The first one on the 25th is a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.


This Lunar eclipse is at 5:45 Scorpio just 3 degrees from a conjunction to Saturn. We have the obligatory opposition to the Sun, as well as ones Mars and Venus, all in Taurus. This axis makes two focus points onto Neptune and Pluto, you can see the two wedges off this set of oppositions.

Lunar eclipses tend to work and focus on emotional issues far more than the Solar Eclipses do and this being a North Node Lunar eclipse, we will be getting a new blast of energy coming in to affect our lives, new situations to deal with that complicates matters. This is another one of a run of new and full Moons recently that have been highlighting relationships and in this eclipse we see the same story coming out once again. This time we have a polarity between forced change and transformation (the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio) and keeping things stable and retaining the status quo (Sun Venus and Mars in Taurus). Of course Taurus is ruled by Venus so here we have links to personal possessions and money and opposed we have the Moon and Saturn in the sign of sharing and intimacy.

If you are in a relationships that is at all rocked by problems in any way, then these will most probably be the standout issues in your life now, money issues or intimacy problems, maybe the specter of temptation pitted against the knowledge that you should really try to keep the status quo? Here we also the emotion of the Moon cooled by the stern and sober influence of Saturn and the loving and sensual Taurean Sun sparked into life by fiery Mars and touchy feely and alluring Venus in Taurus.

You can see the picture of the couple at a party, the husband’s head  (Sun) turned by the blond in the figure hugging dress (Mars/Venus) where as his wife (Moon) looks coldly and disapprovingly (Saturn) at her and him. You can see the temptation here on offer through Neptune and Pluto sitting off this main axis. Does the husband have a secret affair hiding things behind closed doors from his wife (Neptune) or does he break things completely and decides to annul the marriage and start something fresh and new (Pluto). Does the Taurean influence kick in and you fight to keep what you have, using the healing properties of Neptune to soothe the pain that you are facing inside? Is there going to be a stand off or a cold and difficult reconciliation where things will never really be the same again (Pluto)? Will you rearrange your shared finances now to solve some financial problems? Do you need some psychotherapy to delve beneath the surface to sort why the magic has been taken away from your sex life? Is Saturn’s solidifying presence and the determination of Mars going to make your minds up to formalise a relationship and turn it from a love affair into a marriage? Pluto making a triple trine to Sun Venus and Mars indicates huge passion, determination and stamina is present here waiting to come out, and transformation is definitely going to happen. It’s up to you how you handle this potent energy and use it to guide these changes.

Under this eclipse many of these issues are going to be visited in the next few months, especially if this eclipse cuts across your angular (personal 1,7) or succedent (relationship 2/8/5/11) houses. The structure and nature of your emotions (Moon) are certainly going to change under the pressure of the opposition as well as the sextile from Pluto to this Saturn/Moon conjunction.

There are other sub-plots to this Lunar Eclipse. The Pluto Uranus square is here to bring radical and unexpected change, and the presence of Mercury widely conjunct to Uranus in Aries but still square to Pluto allows deep reflection and thought and maybe a chance to air some radical ideas or thoughts that could change the direction of your life. This is a connection I think indicating some kind of technological breakthrough in communications or travel that will come  in the next few months. Any change could be expansive in nature, as Mercury makes a positive sextile to Jupiter.


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