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Luka Magnotta – Beneath the Surface, a Thoroughly Unpleasant Individual.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

luca magnotta

Luka Magnotta has one of those horoscopes that could go one of two ways, good or bad. It still baffles me why some people can use the energy and planetary combinations in a positive manner, yet some use the energy for evil deeds. Magnotta, for those of you yet unaware of the story, is a porn star actor  (both gay and straight) who has a nasty violent streak within him. It is known that he posted videos on the internet of extreme cruelty to animals including pet cats, and it seems that this obsession for violence got worse. In the past 2 weeks, a 32 year old Chinese student Lin Jun studying at a Montreal University went missing. A few days later a video was posted on the net showing the apparent murder of an Asian man, and the alert really was raised when a human foot was delivered by post to the headquarters of the Canadian Conservative party. The DNA results showed a match between the body part and Lin Jun, and soon a suitcase containing the torso of the body was discovered close to Magnotta’s apartment, where blood was found when the police forced an entry. By this time Magnotta, had fled abroad to France and an international manhunt had been activated, however eventually he was caught on 4th June in an internet cafe in Berlin, by all reports looking at news articles about himself.

LukaMagnotta natal

Luka was born on 24th July 1982 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada so he is an attention seeking Leo. He has more than likely a Virgo Moon and because I do not have a birth time for him, I cannot as yet find out his ascendant. On the face of it, we have a reasonable spread of elements and qualities, with slightly more fire in his belly than down to earth properties.

The Sun Moon combination shows a rather reserved Virgo Moon combined with an outgoing wanting to be in the limelight Leo Sun which is an awkward combination. The Virgo Moon has a perfectionist streak about it and it brings a cautious deliberate air that tones down the exuberant side of the personality. Those with Virgo Moons find accepting warmth and love very difficult, and to those that know anyone with this placement, the subject may seem rather detached and cold in nature. Virgo Moons are critical in nature, and are often quite difficult to live with. Emotionally, Luca is a dreamer with the Moon most likely in a square to Neptune, the only aspect that the Moon seems to make. This aspect makes the mind wander into the most unexpected of places and disturbingly those emotional dreams have been seemingly influenced by the other aspect that Neptune in Sagittarius makes, a sextile to an almost exact Mars/Pluto conjunction in Libra.

This conjunction is the fulcrum of the chart. Not only is it conjunct to both Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio, but it is at the exact midpoint of these two planets too; 24 degrees Libra is a powerful point on this chart and a melting point of powerful, destructive energies. Mars Pluto conjunctions can be a force for good, or a force for evil. This conjunction shows drive and determination, aggression and control, action and destruction, lust and sexuality. The fact that this point sextiles to Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasies, delusion and deception impacting on that cold, vulnerable, critical Moon shows me that Luka is especially susceptible to all sorts of vices. He may see love and emotion in a cold, hard sexual manner & with Neptune in Sagittarius, those visions have no boundaries; the division between intimacy & aggression is blurred by deceptive Neptune meaning there is very little to stop the imagination going off the rails increasing the potential to delve into criminality of some sort.

Saturn impacting on the Mars Pluto conjunction doesn’t help at all. Saturn in Libra is kind and fair and very justice orientated, however relationships for Luka will be rather burdensome and hard work for him. Saturn is negatively impacted by Pluto and Mars and so I would not expect him to be so open and sharing as one would normally expect a person to be, and combined with that reserved Moon I could imagine that Luka could suffer from inhibition in personal relationships. From the other side of the Mars Pluto conjunction we find Jupiter in Scorpio. Here is the need to experience extremes in emotion and in everything that one does. Jupiter in Scorpio is totally unafraid of plummeting the depths of the human psyche, exploring those no go areas that most of us would never dream of experiencing. Jupiter has a need for challenge, a need for exploring, an inquisitive edge and Mars and Pluto only go and encourage him to act out those desires.

This quadruple conjunction, is a most dangerous one  if the soul decides to use those energies in an forceful manner. Emotionally repressed, sexually inquisitive, aggressively inclined, inquisitive to the darker side of life, all these qualities lay in Luka’s chart, but they would have needed an outlet. The square to the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Leo provides it. Despite the emotionally reserved side of his character, the Sun and Mercury in Leo requires one to be in the spotlight, to be on show and to express oneself in a outward fashion. This conjunction is trine to independent and rebellious Uranus making him very much a law unto himself, and is maybe a connection to his homosexual tendencies as well as his seemingly rebellious attitude to politicians and lawmakers in Canada.

There is no surprise that he did this through appearing in porn films, and latterly allegedly filming himself doing these unspeakable acts. The sextile from Mars Pluto to Neptune gives a clue here as Neptune rules TV and film and the Sun in Leo fulfils the expression to be on show, the Saturn Mars Pluto conjunction with the cold rather unemotional Virgo Moon shows a lack of feeling for sexual or violent acts, and Mars Pluto Jupiter square to the Sun making him go further and more extreme as time went on.

One question pops through my mind when I look at charts like this. Why if there is so much potential bad energy here is it that somebody didn’t notice about Luka’s behaviour, or speak up until it was too late? Possibly the Venus Jupiter trine has something to do with it. This is a gentle friendly aspect, attached to friends, thoughtful, caring, very easy going and a bit lazy if truth be told. Who knows, maybe this sugar candy connection masked the real nasty stuff which lay beneath the surface?

LukaMagnotta transits

To the day of the alleged murder and we see Saturn sitting at 23:30 Libra, half a degree from that critical 24 degrees Libra spot activating that pivot point on Magnotta’s chart. This was the second pass over this degree, so this was something that he had been working up to through the first pass which was back in November last year. At that point in the night’s sky was quindecile to Uranus, so this was unusual and perverse Saturn energy that was affecting him. Saturn shows a voice of harshness and authority, and maybe here Magnotta was asserting his authority and the sense of justice I mentioned earlier over his victim through force and violence? Was there a racial element to the act? I’m not sure about this, although Saturn in Libra is conservative socially and could be taken to extremes with the added influence of Pluto in the sign in conjunction to it. There were reports of him having been associated with white supremacy groups, although these claims are wholly unsubstantiated.

That transiting Jupiter (which is very afflicted by Mars/Pluto in his natal chart) was making a nasty inconjunct to Mars Pluto too, maybe this was pushing to go further extremes than he had ever gone before? Transiting Neptune was also making multiple transits, a square to Uranus (unusual dreams and rebellious desires), trines to Jupiter (feeling spiritually empowered and limitless in one’s ambition), a trine to Venus (wanting to be socially acceptable – hence the video coverage?) and an inconjunct to Mercury Sun (escapism, delusion, self-deception). 

A birth time for Magnotta and also for Lin Jun (born 30/12/78 Wuhan, China) might show a link between the two, however I have not been able to spot any definitive ones just yet. What is not in doubt in my mind is that he was highly capable of carrying out the crime he has been detained for, and his reaction to the arrest in Germany and potential deportation seems to be one of resignation rather than one of fighting the authorities that eventually caught him. 

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