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"Luck Be a Lady Tonight"

By Davidduff

And 'Dim Dave', being a political 'girlie', is very, very lucky!  Of course, when his memoires are published (sooner rather than later, I hope) he will put it all down to Machiavellian cunning and foresight on his part but we will all know - will we not? - that he was just a 'jammy bastard'!  He came into office so "frit" (now who said that?) that he promised that all funding to that sacred cow of British politics, the NHS, would be ring-fenced from the cuts to be unleashed elsewhere.  Ever since then, the NHS, driven as it is by stupidity, greed and laziness, has hurtled into a shit-storm of its own making; the latest being today's report in 'The Graun' on the Tameside Hospital in Manchester on which Tim Worstall comments thus:

Is this all the result of some new scheme? Foundation status? Some ghastly
slashing of the budgets?

Or is this simply the failure of the NHS bureaucratic system of management?
Would be interesting if the Guardian could tell us, don’t you think? But they
seem remarkably quiet on why this is happening. Which in itself is interesting,
isn’t it?

The reason for the silence, not only from 'The Graun' but also from the Labour party and the unions is that they cannot screech about 'Tory cuts' because there haven't been any!  This leaves 'Dim Dave', through no effort on his part, as master of the battlefield.  Now, given the spectacular drop in the public's trust brought about by all the recent scandals, is his chance to ram home some radical changes to the National Health Service similar to what Gove is achieving in the 'Edukashun Servis'.

Who says political cowardice doesn't pay off in the end?


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