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Closer to Death

By Colloquial Wordsmiths

Thinking and reminiscing his old memories
while lying on the roses of thoughts,
he closed his eyes , to walk through the
same avenue streets of the past.

Moments some with upmost happiness and
some disgraced, squeamish and harsh.
Some those which showed his benevolence and
others where he didn’t care and parched.

Stories where his eyes were moist
and the others which made him angry hoist.
The once of his closed emotions
and others of his criticized humanity demotion.

In each part he just tried,
to be right and bright.
Some times like a dull ink in clouds
and the others more like a sun light.

He lived his life but the emptiness
in him that would never fill his heart precise.
Lying on his death bed on that
last day with his closed eyes .
One question and regret remained with him-
That – “Why couldn’t I find myself in the hustle of life ?.”
His question was his answer, the salvation went back with him
and the mystery of life remained unanswered after his demise.

– Amber Reyansh Mishra

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