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Low-carb Cevapcici with Kaymak and Ajvar

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

These easy-to-make, Southeast European, case-less sausages burst with flavor. This is our low-carb version served with kaymak (clotted cream) and the obligatory ajvar relish (a vibrant bell-pepper eggplant dip) on a bed of leafy greens.

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  1. Mix the sparkling water together with the baking soda (these ingredients tenderize the meat), paprika, salt, and pepper in a big bowl.

  2. Add the ground meat, garlic, and onion. Mix until combined. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or even overnight, to let the flavors develop.

  3. Roll the meat mixture into four sausages per serving, about 3 x 1" (8 x 2.5 cm) each, using wet hands.

  4. Grill, or heat up a large frying pan with olive oil, and fry the cevapcici for a couple of minutes until they are cooked all the way through and have a nice browned exterior.

  5. Kaymak

  6. Mix the ingredients for the kaymak in a bowl and set aside.

  7. Serving

  8. Serve the cevapcici on a bed of leafy greens, with the kaymak cream, ajvar, and lemon wedges (optional).

If you prefer grilling your cevapcici

Be sure to brush them with olive oil before putting them on the grill.

What is kaymak?

Kaymak is a full fat dairy product that is common in Central Asia and the Balkans.

You can buy it in selected stores, online, or you could also use mascarpone cheese which is pretty similar in taste and texture.

What is ajvar relish?

Ajvar is a condiment traditionally made with roasted bell peppers and eggplant. Sometimes chili peppers are added for some heat.

Serving suggestions

Serve it with a fresh salad with white cheese, tomatoes, white onion, cucumber and parsley for an even more colorful meal.

How to simplify it

1. Skip the baking powder and baking soda.

2. Use 2 tsp onion powder instead of the shredded onion.

3. Use mascarpone cheese instead of the kaymak cream.

If you don't eat red meat

Traditionally you mix beef, lamb and pork but feel free to substitute with ground turkey or chicken.

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