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Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng

By Ireviewuread
Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng

Chinese New Year is around the corner, that means it is time to do our traditional Lou Hei. This year is the year of the Ox. That means, 2021 would be the perfect year to focus on your relationships. It is a great year for making order in your family life. Since we're still coping with the pandemic, that means we are not allowed to shout auspicious words when tossing yusheng. However, that should not deter us from carrying on the tradition and inviting our Muslim friends to join. Thanks to Ourpasar, we are able to enjoy halal yusheng this Lunar New Year.

Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng


OurPasar is a Muslim-owned online supermarket that retails handpicked Halal produce from fresh seafood to halal meat. This online grocery store provides fresh food from farm to table. They also provide vegetables, dairy and eggs as well like a wet market.

Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng

OurPasar Halal YuSheng

Since it is the year of the Ox, we thought it would be fun to create an Ox face on the Lo Hei plate. Presenting our hungry cow waiting for us to take a photo so that it can eat the 'grass' buffet around it. The Ox is made with ingredients from OurPasar Prosperity package:

  • Carrot
  • Green capsicum
  • Red capsicum
  • Yellow capsicum
  • Turnip
  • Green turnip
  • White turnip
  • Cucumber
  • Green jellyfish
  • Red ginger
  • Peanut
  • Plum sauce
  • Sesame seed
  • Sesame oil
  • Calamansi
Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng
Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng
Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng
Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng

The Prosperity package comes with an abundance of ingredients, sauces and even an option to choose between 88g of sliced sashimi-grade salmon or sliced smoked salmon. I've got the smoked salmon and it was delicious. It's mildly smoky taste makes it my mother's favourite dish. It's the first time my mother dared to eat something raw!

Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng

This prosperity package serves 3 to 5 pax. If you need a bigger Lo Hei plate, they also offer the abundance package that is suitable for 5 to 8 pax. Additionally, the prosperity package comes with small hongbaos and the abundance package comes with big hongbaos.

Chopsticks are also provided so you do not have to wash your utensils after tossing.

Louhei with OurPasar Halal YuSheng

OurPasar Halal YuSheng Review

OurPasar Halal Yusheng had a fresh taste to it. The individually packed fresh vegetables stood out from the other lohei plates. I like how everything comes together from the slight spiciness from the 5 spices to the sourness from the calamansi. I did not expect the smoked salmon to go well with the prosperity plate since a large amount of plum sauce was mixed in it but it compliments it perfectly. My favourite is the crunch from the peanuts and fragrant sesame oil. This amount is more than enough for 3 person which is a shocker since most of the time I only have a bite of the lou hei plate and suddenly it is gone.

Every purchase of OurPasar Yusheng will stand a chance to win up to $88 worth of gift this Chinese New Year. All items are fresh and halal. The last day to pre-order is on 9 th Feb 2021. You can also get free delivery if you order above $60.

OurPasar now has a Telegram group. You can join Ourpasar Telegram group to enjoy great deals.

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