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Lost in Space 1965 Vs Lost in Space 2018

By Myfilmproject09

Lost in Space 1965 vs Lost in Space 2018
Just caught a few episodes of Lost In Space 2018 on netflix. It's pretty good, although I have a few things that don't seem to work that well. The photo above is the 1965 version of the same characters. The first season was black and white as not everybody had a color TV.
Yes, there were still lots of people who had black and white TV's, my family did. But we laughed at sitcoms and dramas and cops and everything you see now, only with different faces. Well, actually the same faces. Seems they hire actors to look like other actors.
The 1965 Robinson family above was the entire crew. And as then, there were no other colors on series TV. The series was one of a batch of was supposed to set off on a five-year mission to explore a distant planet, but an act of sabotage by the scheming Dr. Zachary Smith -- who managed to get himself trapped aboard the spaceship -- leaves them adrift in space for three years. 
The Robinsons, pilot Don West, Dr. Smith and their trusty robot move from planet to planet, always searching for a way to return to Earth. This is the 1965 version
Lost in Space 1965 vs Lost in Space 2018
The new version is actually pretty much the same, but with special effects that surpassed anything that the old series did. Special effects were not even close to what's now.
Lost in Space 1965 vs Lost in Space 2018
Here's the new 2018 version
Lost in Space 1965 vs Lost in Space 2018
I watched the new version; well, 3 episodes on how to get out of a cave.  I have to say the old show had a better idea, basically because there's too much tech and not much for humans. 
And darker.
Oh, and of course, the wife is considering divorce. How many times have we heard that. And a new person, an African american young girl who replaces the second girl of the family. And these young kids seem to have superpowers and know more than the average
But the biggest part is Parker Posey, a favorite b-movie actress. She is the most interesting person in the series, older than the kids of course - and replaces the male actor Johnathan Harris, a slimy secretive person who wonder is here for. Parker takes Harris's part and makes it good. Or is that bad?
Lost in Space 1965 vs Lost in Space 2018
You can catch some of the 1965 shows on youtube.

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