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Loreal Hydrafresh Gel Foam Cleanser for Oily/combo Skin

By Prayati @prayatibaxi
HELLO DOLLIES !!! I want to thank you all for giving such a good response to my face book page...I just hit 100 fans and I did not believe it would happen soo THANK YOU sooo much guys, it really means a lot to me.
Coming to today's review,
Loreal hydrafresh gel foam cleanser for oily/combo skin
The loreal skincare laboratories have developed hydrafresh foaming gel to thoroughly cleanse and purify combination and oily skin
Enriched with vitamins and essential minerals, hydrafresh foaming gel thoroughly removes makeup and cleanses the skin of impurities. Containing a moisturizing agent, its formula clarifies your skin and leaves it fresh and hydrated.
Thoroughly cleansed your skin feels soft and purified, with an incredible sensation of freshness
With its foaming texture and fruity fragrance, this foaming gel is unique and provides your skin a delightful sensation of wellbeing
INR 299 for 100 ml
Loreal hydrafresh gel foam cleanser for oily/combo skin
Loreal hydrafresh gel foam cleanser for oily/combo skin
SLS: Sulphates are always harmful for youe skin and you should avoid them if possible
CASTOR OIL: Kills germs and promote healing
METHYL PARABEN : again a very toxic chemical that should be avoided
MAGNESIUM GLUCONATE: Its an essential mineral compound that boosts the healthiness of your face
1. Lets just say that if you have oily/combo skin and you are living in a dreadful and humid climate like mumbai and that too in summers, then, my friend, this is the product for you...!! YES !! This is it !! I use it twice a day....and it feels like ice in this hot whether of mumbai...
2. Lets talk about the packaging, its a cucumber colored sleek tube with a flip-flop cap, it is absolutely travel friendly and easy to use
Loreal hydrafresh gel foam cleanser for oily/combo skin
3. This cleanser lathers well (as its a foam cleanser) and a dime sized amount is enough to produce rich lather.
4. It completely removes my makeup and not even a single streak of mascara or eyeliner is left even if I dont wipe my makeup off before washing, so thats a huge plus for me
5. It prevents breakouts and makes your skin feel soft and refreshed. Lets say you had a very tiring day and you came home and washed your face with this, I am telling you, you will gain enough energy to work for the same duration of time again (maybe a little exageration but still :P )
6. Its a sheer gel, and smells heavenly, the smell is so fresh that I feel like keeping my nose on the cap
Loreal hydrafresh gel foam cleanser for oily/combo skin
7. It removes excess oil and sebum and keeps your skin matte and fresh
1. Best cleanser I have found till date for my kind of skin type (combo)2. Removes excess oil and controls sweat and shine3. Rejuvenates and refreshes the skin4. little goes a long way 5. Removes makeup completely6.Smells juicy watery fruits7. prevents and soothes break outs
1. Harmful ingredients like parabens and sulphates2. might be considered expensive for a face wash but its totally worth it
For me its
Its an awesome cleanser for summers, this is a complete must have and I cant live without it seriously
Time for a quote from my favorite person: :D
"I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it" - Carrie Bradshaw
till the next post
xoxo prayati
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