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Loreal "fall Repair" 1 Minute Treatment Mask

By Prayati @prayatibaxi
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Moving on, I am reviewing this mask by Loreal today, It is from the fall repair range. Ideally, you should use a deep conditioning hair mask atleast once a week to nourish your hair.
New fall repair 3x mask with arginine deeply reinforces hair. 
Hair is stronger and full of vitality
Instantly detangled and stronger, your hair is more resistant from root to tip and looks good and healthy
INR 340 for 200 gms
Arginine: Its an amino acid which contains plenty of proteins which is essential for hair growth and replenishment
Citric acid: the acid opens the hair cuticle and may remove minerals from the hair which may lead to degeneration, discoloration and breakage
(both the above ingredients are contradicting each other)
Linalool: beneficial for development of hair (linalool has anti-cancer properties too)
1. It comes in a tub type packaging, which is not that bulky but definitely big, it is a bit unhygienic but then its not like you are using it on your face, so I don't find it much of a hindrance, infact I like that I can scoop the desired amount with my fingers and can also see how much is left in it.
2. The consistency of the product is cream like and it smells pretty good, I apply a scoop to the endings of my hair and whatever is left on my hands, I apply it to my roots and massage gently, then I put a shower cap on my head so that the product is easily absorbed in my hair and the heat generated, makes it easy for the product to spread properly
3. It definitely does NOT reduce or eliminate my hair I can easily say that the claim is false, however, it does give me soft and manageable hair and also reduces frizz to a great extent
4. It does make my ends softer and adds a shine to my hair but does not mend split ends or reduce hairfall.
1. does not contain parabens or any other harmful preservatives2. gives soft and manageable hair3. reduces frizz and adds a shine to the hair4. affordable for the quantity provided
1. Does not reduce hairfall as claimed2.tub packaging may bother some people but I don't mind it as I just use it on my hair and not on my face lol
It does not reduce hairfall, but its a good nourishing hair mask and you can give it a try once. Also I did not use it along with the fall repair shampoo so it may work better with it I am not sure about that.
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xoxo prayati
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