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Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
This "Lip Of The Day" collection is the last of it for April 2012...Enjoy!
(L to R) Bold And Brash, Ban This!, Harlot, Gimme That, Vivid Desire, Ophelia, Melon Punch Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Bold And Brash, Dare To Wear Lipglass (MAC) I got all 4 of the Dare To Wear Lipglass glosses at once because I couldn't just get 1. They were SO intense I knew I'd use them all. I will wear this sizzling red alone but it works best over a bright red lipstick. It looks like red glitter! It's definitely a fun red so I always wear this to go out or for work. I think these were just part of a specific collection so I doubt if they're still for sale but MAC always has similar products in the works. Either way, the crowds go wild when I step out with this beauty! Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Ban This!, Dare To Wear Lipglass (MAC) Times like these I wish I had the time to obsess over taking the perfect picture because I'm not sure you can grasp how lovely this is by this shot here. This is a stunning purple with hints of blue. I will wear this alone or as a lip liner to deep pinks. Love it! Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Harlot, Lip Tar (OCC) I got this sweetie at The Makeup Show LA this year & was surprised I didn't already have it! It's a bright orange that has no problem standing on it's own. I would use an orangey red lip liner (like Redd from MAC) to deepen this. I've worn this with minimal makeup and it pulled my look together so well. I used it on a client this week who never wears color on her lips & she loved it too! Naturally ;-) Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Gimme That, Dare To Wear Lipglass (MAC) This hot pink is so bright after 1 application that I had to get a picture of it as is. It's a pretty hot pink with blue undertones so this would go great with soft makeup and maybe a thin line of blue liquid eye liner. It's also another color that you can wear alone to brighten up any soft look or go punk rock chic & pair it up with dark smokey eyes. The texture of these glosses is creamy & smooth. I knew what I was doing buying all 4! Lol! Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Vivid Desire, Luxury Gloss (Ego Faces) I got this sultry lip gloss a few weeks ago. I met Flo (Ego Faces owner) on twitter & let her know I wanted to try her products. I picked a few items and this gloss blew me away!! First of all, it's the silkiest lip gloss I've ever used, and I've tried 100's. There's something about the texture that I can't say I've ever felt before. The flavor is like a mix between bubble gum & cinnamon, also something I've never had before. It's super shiny and the color is so seductive! This is a must have for every makeup case!Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Girl Talk, Lipstick (GlamourGirlNYCosmetics) I met Bridget (GGNYCosmetics owner) on twitter as well. We met up and talked for hours about makeup and life. She's a beautiful, focused woman who has created something for women to really feel good about. (Hi Bridge!!Xo) I can't wait for her product line to launch soon!!! She gave me a lipstick to try before the line has even launched (lucky me!) so I did not include it in my pic above. Wait until you see it, you'll love everything! That's a promise ;-) The texture is nice & smooth! I chose to wear this feminine pink alone so you could see how delicate it is. It's the perfect pink! Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Ophelia, Lip Tar (OCC) I also got this beauty at The Makeup Show LA and it quickly became my new favorite. lip tar. It's a very chalky pink but on me it settles into a nice baby pink. I LOVE this color! I've used it so many times on myself and clients, we all  love it! In fact, the last person I put it on, went on the website on her phone to order it, that second! Lol! I wore this with liner and without, depends on what I'm wearing and how tan my face is (using bronzer of course) ;-) Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Melon Punch, Color Juice Lip Gloss (L'Oreal) I've said it before but I really love L'Oreal products. These glosses have been around for years now and I have more than a few. This formula smells so good and leaves your lips looking plump and shiny for hours. I've been on a tangerine kick for a few weeks now and pulled this out of my bag of tricks to show how perfect it is for summer. I wear this alone but recently put this over Harlot, Lip Tar (OCC) for a client and she went gaga over it! Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4

(L to R) Sugar Rose, Watermelon Fizz, Quartz, Pink Parfait, CB 96 Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Sugar Rose,  Juicy Rouge Slim Lipstick (Lancome) I got 2 of these slim treats from a friend a little while ago. She's thought I'd love them and she was right! They're so subtle but glimmer so beautifully in the light. I wear them during summer months especially because the gold warms up my face. They're almost like a tinted balm but more intense. I like to wear this with no liner so the true color can pop! Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4 
Watermelon Fizz, Pure Color Crystal Lipstick (Estee Lauder) What I loved about this lipstick when I first saw it was the gold coating it had all around it. If you look closely (not that I'm counting on you seeing them bc my picture taking skills could use improvement), there are little gold stars on the lipstick, I'm such a sucker for that stuff! Lol! So every time you apply, you get traces of gold on your lips. Not too shabby! Also, it's not an intense application but more of a glossy texture. I like to wear this as is too because it doesn't need enhancements :-) Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
Quartz, Lip Liner (MAC) Pink Parfait, Pure Color Lipstick (Estee Lauder) Quartz is always my "go to" lip liner for when I want to deepen light pinks. This color lipstick is actually very light but when I add the deep liner, it adds dimension to my lips and brings attention to the center, making them look bigger. Tricks of the trade ;-) Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
CB 96, Frost Lipstick (MAC) I decided to use this as the "Lip Of The Day" because I featured a nail polish that matched it almost perfectly, so I thought it would be cute. (Hot Tamale) This color is extremely similar to Jest (Lustre lipstick-MAC) and I featured it in a past "Lips" post (Jest review) If you look quickly, they look identical! CB 96 is deeper, it has a pinch more red. I wear this with either light or heavy brown, shimmery smokey eyes or just as the center of my look. Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4
I have so many more ideas coming up so stay tuned!!!
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