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Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
The latest addition to my "Lip Of The Day" series for March 1-March 11, 2012.
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Dare To Dare, Tutti My Frutti, Navy Pearl, Jupitesse, Brilliance, Cherry, First Time, Delicately Defined, Pink Fringe, Pink Slip, ZouZou
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
Dare To Dare, Dare To Wear Lipglass (MAC)
*I loved this blue-pink gloss so much that I got every color it came in (I will be sure to show the others later, they're outrageous)
This is a soft pink but the blue iridescent tone adds dimension. As you can see it's not a typical lipglass because the texture isn't as loose. It's so creamy you forget you're wearing makeup. It feels like a heavy balm, amazing!
I wear this over mauves, pinks or alone :-)
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
Tutti My Frutti, Plump Your Pucker Tinted Gloss (theBalm)
*I know I just wrote about this in my "Lip Plumpers" blog a few days ago but it remains a favorite. It smells like a fruity pina colada, has a cool tingle and is extremely pigmented for being a "tinted" gloss. I wear this alone, as clearly you can see, or over warm lipsticks. Looks best in summer to add to a healthy, all over glow!
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
Navy Pearl, liner (Auraline)
Jupitesse, The Liquid Patent Lip (Kevyn Aucoin)
*The liner I got at the Makeup Show 2 years ago at the Auraline Cosmetics booth. They're an independent label brand & were selling the pencils for 3 for $5 or something ridiculous so I got navy, purple & gunmetal. I want to say they're good for eyes and lips but maybe I just think that b/c it just says "liner" on it. Lol!
Either way, they're amazing, can't wait to stock up again!
The lip gloss, I got a few of these in different colors in the huge goody bag I mentioned in my last blog (Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 1) and I can't tell you how beautiful this is! I know it's dark, to say the least, but it's so exotic! It looks black but it's actually a blue-violet, so unique!
I was hired to be the Makeup designer for a NYFW show. Ally Hilfiger was the stylist for designer Nary Manivong's show. This was perfect for the futuristic look I created along with subtle "Prada ad" like taupe eyes. It was a huge hit & everyone loved it!
It was such a strong focal point for the otherwise demure look. Good times!
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
Brilliance, Glossimer Lip Gloss (Chanel)
*Anyone who knows me, knows Chanel is not at the top of my list for designers and especially for makeup. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate some of the fashion, I mean it's still Chanel.
However, the makeup fails to impress me. I want to like it but I just don't. In fact, I feel like the shadows/powder products are chalky & everything smells like an old lady. That's just my opinion...
The only items I really like, love, are the Glossimer lip glosses. They got it right with these & I have a good few of of them because of it! I love this frosty pink. Ironically, it's a typical "old lady frosty pink" (Lol) but I wear it in the winter for a "winter white-ice queen" look or during summer with a tan. It's delicate but can really stand out when paired w/a smoldering eye.
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
 Zou Zou, Pot Gloss (NARS)
*I love NARS makeup, like, all of it! It's just an overall good line and I don't care how much it costs, I'm buying it. The Pot Glosses are great because you can dab them on as a lip tint or go heavy and get a full on glossy pout.
This color is always trendy and wears well day or night. I'll be sure to add the other shades I have in blogs to come, as they are some of the best I own.
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
Delicately Defined, lip definer (Bloom)
Pink Fringe, Chubby Stick (Clinique)
Pink Slip, Lip gloss (Victoria's Secret)
*I discovered this fab trifecta of sorts a few years ago when I was looking to create a neutral, sophisticated, glossy lip. I'm always mixing and matching so I noticed how well they went together. It looks very warm here but if I blot more, the light pink reigns supreme.
This would be good for an interview! I call it "conservative chic" b/c it's glam w/out being flashy.
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
Cherry, lip liner (MAC)
First Time, Kiss Off Gloss (Rimmel)
*This gloss is actually very sheer. It looks like shimmery fire in a tube & I love how shiny it is. I love Rimmel glosses because they always smell sweet and are well made. I also have a Rimmel "Vinyl Lip" in a deeper color, which I love!
I paired it here with a red liner to bring out the color but I also wear this over orange & brown lipsticks. You can wear this alone for a sheer, shiny look. Either way it's a real sizzler!
Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 2
Keep it pretty!

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