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Literary Exploration is Officially Open for Review Requests!

By Literaryexploration @Lit_Explorer
Literary Exploration is officially open for review requests!
What's that you say?! Literary Exploration is open to review requests again? It is! It's true! Honestly, I couldn't stand not taking review requests. I was getting legitimately bummed out. I thought to myself, "The amount of homework you have is not NEARLY enough to justify not accepting books for review." It's not! I will be limiting the amount of reviews I accept, but I've also changed the format that I'm taking requests in.
I'm now taking all requests via a Google Doc form. I think this method will allow me to stay organized with my reviews as well as respond to requests in a timely manner. I've also updated my review policies to reflect some of these changes:
My Review Policies:- I will only accept YA books for review- I will accept requests from authors, publishers, publicists, and everyone in between- Books I personally request are almost always guaranteed a review- Books on my wishlists are almost always guaranteed a review- Just because I have accepted your request does not mean I guarantee a review- I prefer hardcopies over ebooks, but I can accept ebooks- I am not accepting self-published titles
I am no longer accepting any requests via email. All requests must be submitted through the Google Doc form for me to even consider them. Any requests that I choose not to accept will receive no response. I will only respond to the requests that I am accepting. 
If you are an author, publisher, publicists or anyone in between and would like to submit a request for your book to be reviewed on Literary Exploration, please fill out the form below: 

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