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LinkedIn Reputation 7 Must Use Tips

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

LinkedIn. The neglected but very important social network.

Yes LinkedIn is used by job seekers. Move on if that’s why you landed here. I’m focusing on reputation and why it matters.


LinkedIn is for showing off your reputation, curating reputation and yes marketing reputation with lead generation.

No it is not the slimy salesman lead generation you are presuming.

A quality reputation is developed from:

  • participating in LinkedIn discussions
  •  utilizing LinkedIn Applications
  •  joining LinkedIn Groups
  • engaging your connections through sharing and liking content.

Executive profiles that are stagnant, incomplete or just stuck in basic mode have no reputation.  No value. No leads.



Why build reputation?

Credibility follows reputation.

Next steps (must haves):

  1. Complete your profile! Above all include a headshot professional image. So many users have set up profiles and have left them blank still set on the default image. What does that say about who you are and where you’ve worked?
  2. Set up a customized LinkedIn url such as mine:
  3. Grow your network. Waiting for users to find you, especially if you have an incomplete profile is futile. Join groups, search for alumni and business connections. Don’t be shy and especially don’t be spammy. Reaching out to group members will connect you to others with common interests. Instead of using the cookie cutter message provided by LinkedIn insert a personal message in your request to connect.
  4. Use the summary profile section to speak in the first person to viewers about yourself.  This summary section is like an about me page. It’s great web real estate that’s free to use. Use it to your advantage.
  5. Rearrange content modules using drag and drop sorting in a logical way.
  6. Include achievements along with your profile information such as awards, certifications and volunteer work.
  7. If you are a business owner, get your phone number on there. How else are potential customers going to reach you?
  8. Participate in group discussions, share content, like content, comment if you can.
  9. Ask someone else to proofread your profile then ask what their impression is.
  10. Consider including a video related to you or your business. People who view your video are more likely to agree with your reputation.

Viewers who arrive on a professional LinkedIn profile are more likely to give referrals and remember you and your company. Your reputation matters.

Recently my profile was professionally evaluated by someone else. I found the experience refreshing. I saw my profile from someone elses point of view.

Look at your profile from the other person’s point of view.

What reputation do they see?

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