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Lime Crime - Uniliner

By Melmeko @melmeko

Lime Crime - UnilinerHi peeps  :-h  Things have been a little quiet on the review front since Xmas, but things are starting to pick up and by next month I’ll be overloaded with products to test drive and share with you all.  This review is actually one that I thought I had done ages ago, but when you look – no goes!!!  D’Oh!  #-o  So, at finally at long last, here are my thoughts on a liquid eyeliner that was sent to me by Jill at Makeupnetto try and then share my experience.
The Uniliner, comes to us from Lime Crime, a Cruelty Free and mostly Vegan makeup brand, known for it’s adorable packaging and the vivid and unique, stand-out color variety that features throughout the collection of products.  =D>  The Uniliner is a liquid eyeliner that comes in an array of different and exciting hues, ranging from orange to yellow to silver to blue.  I received a blue shade called Lazuli, inspired by the gemstone Lapis Lazuli, which is an electric blue with purple undertones. :)Lime Crime - Uniliner
The packaging is typical Lime Crime style that is totally whimsical and instantly appealing.  <:-P   The purple cardboard box has printed detailing and is adorned with vines and spider webs, in white and lime green hues.  Inside the box is a compact tube that I initially thought was very small, but in comparison to many other brands on the market it’s probably about average and retails among the same category as numerous other high end brands – not the most expensive out there but not ultra cheap either, but in my opinion it gives plenty of bang for your buck!  #:-S  Attached to the screw-off lid is a small to medium length flexible brush with soft, fine bristles that is comfortable to hold and allows for complete control.  The color looks kind of sparkly in the tube, but the formula actually has a matte finish and any sparkles don’t show up once applied.  The consistency is slightly runny and there is no noticeable fragrance, but it’s got brilliant color payoff, so one swipe provides an opaque finish, however it layers well for maximum intensity.  \:D/Lime Crime - Uniliner
The Uniliner glides on with ease and dries fast, without smudging, streaking or flaking.  My lids are oily and I was surprised to find that it stays put all day with only very minimal fading.  But, for even better performance, I tried it using a primer, in this case the Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper(that appears to be no long available, however they do have a new version called Eyeshadow Helper, claimingUp to 24 hours of crease-free wear, works even on the oiliest of eyelids!sounds pretty darn good too  ;) ), which really does boost the vibrancy and staying power.  It works well without an eyelid primer, but using the primer makes it even better.  :D  I was impressed with how long it lasted, considering the eyeliner is not waterproof, yet, it does come off easily with my regular eye makeup remover and a bit of warm water at the end of the day.

Lime Crime - Uniliner


Overall, I love using this product and the vivid effect that one bold line above my upper lashes can effortlessly deliver.  :x   The Unilineris ultimate addition to any beauty kit and I would recommend it to those who desire a perfect pop of color that will undoubtedly attract some serious attention, create a statement and enhance any makeup look.  (*)
Tip –   *-:)  It’s wise to apply each coat lightly, because using to much product increases the drying time.
What do you think, are these the sort of colours you are daring enough to wear?  :-/  What type of eyeliner do you prefer and how are your liquid eyeliner skills?  :-?  Any more tips of suggestions when it comes to coloured liquid liners?
All images in this post are my own.

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