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Lil Scrappy Talks About Trayvon Martin

Posted on the 18 July 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
VLADtv on YouTube posted a video of LHHATL's Lil Scrappy giving his views on the Trayvon Martin verdict. While I agree with Lil Scrappy 100%, although ya boy could use a charisma class or two, some things Scrappy said definitely gave me room for speculation. He made a song in honor of Trayvon but if the song sells and I'm sure it will, where are the sales proceeds going? To the Martin family or to Scrappy's pockets? All that was said about the track is that he didn't do it for fame or recognition. I have made my personal views on this tribute/homage situation crystal clear. If you as an artist, are tributing a song to Trayvon Martin, and the proceeds of that song does not go directly to the Martin family, you are no better than Juror B37 and her book deal! Al Sharpton is too busy with his YMCMB book deal advance check so this case isn't a priority as of right now. I do however, like how Scrappy pointed out that through this whole ordeal, the most Sharpton had to say was that we should remain peaceful and not riot. Thanks Al, we'll keep that in mind. It seems everyone has some sort of ulterior motive behind this movement that should be about equality and doing what's right. How can I make a dollar and not have it seem as if I'm exploiting the situation for personal gain? You can't! When you are saying how you feel about this tragedy and the most coherent thing out of your mouth is a quick promo for the track you laid down, it gives me serious pause as to your intentions. Scrappy seems to have become a totally different person via Twitter as of late, lets hope he isn't one of those people.
LINK TO VLADtv on YouTube
Lil Scrappy Talks About Trayvon Martin

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