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Like a Sir

By Pinkandpolished
More stamping? Yes please!
I'm really having a fun time challenging myself to use all of the designs on my plates. And sometimes it's really difficult to come up with ideas, but sometimes it's also really easy, like these! 
This monocle and mustache design had me dying on the inside. I mean come one it's SO CUTE! I figured that the best way to go with this particular design would be to just keep it simple and make the main focus the mustashied faces!
I started with a base of Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. I love using this as a base because it's part of Sally Hansen's quick dry collections so it dries super fast so there's less wait time for nail art! When it was dry I stamped over using BM-401 and L.A Colors Striping polish in black. I sealed everything in with Poshe top coat to finish.
Like a sir
Like a sir
Like a sir
I really love when images are so creative and unique like this one. The images need no help to be the center of attention! 
What's your favorite plate image ever?!

Thanks loves :) 

Like a sir

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