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Lifestyle|| Why I Still Couldn’t Replace My Laptop with My Phone

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

For a really long time, we've relied on personal computers to get things done in the digital world. Whether it's writing, booking trips and places to stay, searching for the best places to eat or editing content, we've used our desktops and laptops for most of our output. That has started to change as phones have gotten more powerful, smart and tech-y. I do now shop, book, and plan via my phone - most of the time.

When you think about, it's pretty awesome to have so much in one place, in your hand. And although phones are getting pretty massive these days - it makes me think of the first mobile phones with the adverts of someone shouting into it - if you need a bigger screen there's always a tablet/iPad.

However, for me it's still too early to forget about the humble laptop. In fact, I'm not sure I could ever give up my laptop. Here's why...

Lifestyle|| Why I still couldn’t replace my laptop with my phone


Sure, it's really convenient to be able to watch Netflix on your phone, but for me having a laptop just makes the experience so much more enjoyable. The larger screen, sound (although my Huawei is pretty awesome on the sound front), and just being able to pop the laptop down on the bed and yet still clearly being able to watch your favourite tv show or the latest film are all in its favour.

We still house share, so sometimes, especially when Chris is away, I will find myself in my bedroom over being in the living room. During these times, having my laptop on hand is definitely a lifesaver. Yes, I have an iPad mini, but it's exactly that. Mini. And you do want to clearly see what's going on, and perhaps not be so close to the tech. I love chilling back with a hot chocolate in hand, all snuggled up under the duvet. Especially now it's a bit chillier. Or even doing my nails or Instagram in front of Netflix. Yes, I'm a multi-tasker but I can't sit still half the time.

I still find things easier to do on a laptop - all the tabs

Whether that's deciding on a place to stay on my next trip, looking for the cheapest flights, choosing a restaurant or editing my blog posts for you guys, I prefer whipping out my laptop. I open so many tabs on my browser. Countless. Especially when I'm trying to make a decision on something I think is important like which hotel looks like it'll be safest/nicest/cutest. It's so easy to flick between them on a laptop, whereas I lose track of my tabs still on my phone - out of sight out of mind kind of thing.

I also find that I still do a lot of the actual paying for stuff on my laptop. Well for the big stuff. I'll happily use shopping apps on my phone like asos and ebay. But want a short trip, the laptop comes out to book. I think it's because I feel I can see clearer and it won't time out so quick. I'm a checker. And I need enough time and everything to be super clear for me to check the details before clicking that big pay now button. My laptop helps me feel a little more at ease about clearly being able to check!

Typing. Oh the typing.

Who else uses web Whatsapp? I find it so much easier to reply to emails and Whatsapp messages on the laptop, typing away my responses. I'm much faster, and often reduce the number of typos... depending on how fast I'm trying to get the message across (BUT THANK YOU GRAMMARLY!). I am so lazy when it comes to replying on my phone. Yes, I'm one of those 'reply in my head', can't be bothered to text with my fingers people. I will take longer if I don't have my laptop open in front of me. Sorry, but sometimes it's so much more effort. Especially when autocorrect changes my words to something completely different! That can be awkward.

Laptops at work

I couldn't give up a laptop permanently if I tried. While many workplaces have slowly begun to swap their laptops for tablets and other devices, there's no denying just how efficient a laptop is compared to a smaller device. Working in marketing in an office environment, I use so many programs on my work laptop, I don't think it's even possible to move away from using them. And to be honest, it's so much easier to, I wouldn't want to.

Have you ever tried to present to a group using another form of tech? Whether it's plugging your laptop into a projector for meetings or showing colleagues what you've been working on, it's much easier with a laptop as opposed to a smaller smartphone or tablet.

Not being constantly connected

Sometimes being on my phone can be a bit overwhelming. I constantly switch between social media apps and Whatsapp constantly being connected and updated. This isn't really something I want ALL the time. I like to try and leave my phone in the other room some evenings. Completely switch off. But then if we need something from Google, or we want to look into booking something, the laptop can come out. You don't need to load up all the socials and Whatsapp, and people don't need to know where you are 24/7. You can escape a little.

Lifestyle|| Why I still couldn’t replace my laptop with my phone

Best bit...Laptops don't have to be expensive

My home laptop is getting a bit old and slow. Chris has had a look and tried to speed it up but I just think it's a bit past its time. So I have been looking into treating myself to a new one.

Unless you're in the market for something really powerful such as the new MacBook Pro 2019, the average cost of a laptop has dropped significantly. You can now get powerful laptops for the same price as your smartphone, capable of doing everything from editing videos to playing the latest computer games. It's amazing how affordable laptops have become over the past few years it's no longer something that will make a huge dent in your budget.

There you have it. Could you give up your laptop?

Chloe xx

* This is a collaborative post.

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