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Lifestyle|| Autumn Date Ideas

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

I don't think we can ignore the fact that Autumn is pretty much here. I went for a run the other day through Regents Park and the orange and brown leaves are already covering the floor among the flower gardens. Apart from this weekend, there's certainly been a chill to the air too, especially in the mornings and evenings.

I recently wrote about my winter travel wishlist to escape the cold. But don't get me wrong, I do find it a little exciting thinking about everything getting cosier, the jumpers coming out, everything turning to something spiced, and the cold, crisp days - all those autumn date nights too.

Although it does make me realise how fast the year is going - it won't be long until we're starting to think about the festivities. And with summer taking a hit on the bank account with all the weekend trips and days out, and Christmas fast approaching, I do like to keep it cheap yet fun with the date ideas. So I thought I'd help give you all a little inspiration if you're currently in the same boat - trying to save a few pennies, but still looking to have fun this Autumn.

Autumn Walks

The UK is truly beautiful in all the different seasons of the year, but especially Autumn. There are plenty of walks suggested by the National Trust for Autumn rambling across the UK. Many of which include full maps so you can follow the trails which is super handy. Or if you're in London, the parks can be super pretty to have a wander through, all wrapped up in coats, strolling hand-in-hand. Perhaps even with a coffee - which you could keep cheap by taking a thermos.

Lifestyle|| Autumn Date Ideas
Lifestyle|| Autumn Date Ideas

We loved an autumn or winter stroll last year. Chris took me to see many different places near Hastings, which we explored all wrapped up. Beachy Head was one of the spots and it was such a cute couple of hours!

Games Night

We love a games night. So with the evenings drawing in, we don't feel so guilty about not going out. Instead bringing out the Nintendo Wii, card games or board ones and getting competitive.

Mario Kart makes a regular appearance in our flat. With more time inside, a quick game could easily be transformed into a tournament between the two of you. You could even make up some forefits for the one who loses - one of you has to cook dinner, make breakfast next morning, do the chores.

Alternatively, you can always grab cheap board games at a charity shop. Why not go on a second hand haul this September (Second-hand September) and pick up some of your childhood or old faves. Play over dinner, hot chocolate or a glass of vino. Have some giggles along the way and enjoy!

We'll definitely be doing this plenty of times this Autumn. I can't wait to raid the charity shops for more!

Fancy Meal

Now I don't mean going out. I mean cook a fancy meal in. Thanksgiving is one suggestion by a free dating site in USA, but I say who needs an excuse/reason to make a fancy dinner together.

Why not spend some time whipping up dinner together in the kitchen? Put on the tunes, grab a glass of wine, and make it a fun evening. Then actually sit at the table to dine and chat with the music still going. Or if you don't have a dining table, then sit on the sofa but make it as fancy as possible. Think sides in separate dishes so you can help yourself, your nice bowls and crockery and wine glasses, even if you're on the orange juice and lemonade.

Lifestyle|| Autumn Date Ideas

The main thing is, don't turn the TV on. Too many times we'll come in after work, go gym, make dinner and just sit in front of the TV watching our favourite shows. But that's not really quality time. So shake it up!

Nostalgic Movie Marathon

If you do fancy a night/afternoon in front of the TV though. That's fine too!

Why not make a list of all your favourite nostalgic films. Or even a list of all the films you're dying to see on Netflix. Then choose two or three and make an afternoon of it. You could even bake some treats beforehand, or pick up some movie snacks to dig into together. Snuggle up under a blanket, in your comfies, and enjoy.

This idea was actually inspired by the dating site, WeLoveDates, too. We didn't do much of this last year, but really got into spending a day relaxing this summer with Chris being off his feet. So I think this could definitely be happening one weekend this Autumn.


There are so many galleries or museums in London, and other places around the UK. Many of which have free exhibitions which are awesome!

Lifestyle|| Autumn Date Ideas

I went through a phase of going to a few different ones to see what london had to offer and really enjoyed it. It tends to slow down over summer as I spend more time outside. But Autumn is a great time to pick this back up. I'm thinking of starting with Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum to see the whale, and going from there.

Walking the galleries and discovering /learning new things can be a cute afternoon with a partner too! Chris and I love learning new things, so definitely think the Natural History Museum is one for a date day!

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights go up earlier and earlier don't they?! Last year the Oxford Street switch on happened on 6th November! So it won't be long before the big switch on across the UK.

It makes the perfect excuse for a walk around central to see all the different installations. They're beautiful and quirky, and there's always so many throughout the city. You could pass a few hours admiring the sights and getting all festive. I love walking around in awe seeing what the city has to hold each year, so why not turn it into a date night. You could always head back after for a hot chocolate snuggled up on the sofa - free, and cute. What more could you ask for?

Lifestyle|| Autumn Date Ideas
Lifestyle|| Autumn Date Ideas

There you have it. My top ideas for free/super cheap dates this Autumn. What do you think you'll do for date night as the evening draws in? Any recommendations for me?

Chloe xx

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