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Life and Death

By Myfilmproject09

So... right after...
What am a I doing here, besides returning to see my friends and a few who don't. Right from Crave, I walk walk a block down towards the short end of Ventura and Van Nuys. I really like the idea of private stores and only a few company stores and even a Joe's.
But what I'm going to talk about is very different and actually about legality. Here's what it means to me. First this; by now most of you know about Ghostkeeper, my first feacher which I made in 1980 for about $1,800,000. Not a lot but enough to make an okay movie way back then. 
I had a distributor (known as not very honest) who basically spent all monies for himself. Unfortunately after several years he died. Then somehow someone connected us to a distributor called Bill Olsen who also had a brother in the business. But that's just beginning.
Bill did pretty good to me, I did get money, not great but then Ghostkeeper wasn't a great movie. Bill put us into dvd's finally rather than the old videos. It went good. But then Bill started Blu-ray and he disappeared. 
But before he gave me $4000.
And then he really disappeared. And this is a really interesting story.
I began to track down Bill, but it was almost impossible, in fact it was impossible.
At this time I was seeing a company you'll see ahead, but you can see that he was selling Ghostkeeper.
I was looking around for Ghostkeeper videos and accidentally I found out who was selling my movie. He was a video house and had a lot of Blu-ray videos... and Ghostkeeper.
Then one night I was looking around for video horror fans talking to each other. I wasn't sure but I thought it might be interesting. There's a lot of then but somehow, that night it turned out very good.
I listened and then Ghostkeeper was spoken.
By Bill.  
"Hi, Jim"
"Hey Bill, where are you."
"I'm in the hospital."

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