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Lid & Jar (rhodes)

By Takeeatfoodblog
My foodie friend is jet setting around Europe for the next 6 months and the best way to farewell him is over what we normally do- Brunch!!  We decided to choose a place somewhere close to where he was staying, so I searched up 'good places to eat in Rhodes' and we said hello to Lid and Jar. I've seen a few pictures of Lid and Jar on Instagram (they also have one in Chatswood) and I completely feel in love with the rustic interior and vibrant dishes.
We met on sunny Wednesday morning and usually for a weekday you would expect places to be empty/ fairly quiet but at Lid and Jar Rhodes the place was buzzing with people! We were lucky enough to get a big share table at the front of the cafe, right next to the window so we can take "Instagrammable" (if that's a word :P) pictures. As always I shared with my friend (it is definitely the Asian in us that wants to try two things for basically the price of one), we ordered the bacon and egg roll and the french toast. The prices of each dish are definitely reasonable for the amount that is given. The food is also lip smacking delicious! 
Bacon & Egg Roll | Crispy bacon and fried egg with freshly sliced tomatoes and spinach | $10.00
It might not be as clear from the pictures but this bacon and egg roll was massive!!! Even though we split this in half it was still a very big piece. The bacon and egg roll was jammed packed with bacon and large piece of runny, gooey sunny side up egg. This alone would have been sufficient but of course we had to order something sweet, our eyes are usually way bigger than our stomachs!
Crispy French Toast (v) | Natural Greek yoghurt, fresh strawberries & dried fruit compote sprinkled w/ candied nuts | $15.00
The french toast was definitely a very pretty (not so little) dish! I do have my favorite places to go to for french toast such as Devon on Danks and Three Williams, so if you compare it with those cafes you might be a little disappointed. This plate of french toast at Lid and Jar was on the soggy side but it did have a bit of a crunch on the top as cornflakes were sprinkled on top of it. Overall, it wasn't a bad dish but I felt that if it was cooked a little bit longer it would of tasted amazing.
Left: Brunch Menu
Right: Drinks Menu
PicturePictureOverall, the dining experience at Lid and Jar Rhodes was a pleasant and relaxed experience. The staff were very friendly and polite and they all had a bright smile on their faces. Lid and Jar is also open for dinner, so I think I will be back to try that menu :P
I'm sad to see my friend go but once he gets back we'll definitely be going on more food adventures!
Happy eating x
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