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LGFW - Toronto Fashion Week Day One

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
LGFW - Toronto Fashion Week Day OnePhoto Credit: Savo Sok from Elle Canada
// Skirt // H&M // Blouse // ASOS // Tights // We Love Colors // Shoes // Chelsea Crew //
It's Toronto Fashion Week here in the city I call home and I have been lucky enough to get passes to see the shows this week! It has already been an exciting few days full of action, anticipation and best of all, gorgeous fashions from our own homeland.
People waiting in line had some fabulous outfits on. Loved all the vintage dresses, coats and shoes I saw! It felt like treasure hunting for those special pieces.
While taking some picture of the crowd outside and waiting for the shows to start, the incredibly talented Savo Sok from Elle Canada was sweet enough to take some photos of my outfit for the Elle Canada blog. I was even selected as they Street Style favorite outfit from Day One! It's been weird being photographed all week by people that aren't my camera and tripod lol.
I start my five days full of fashion, I arrived at the big LGFW tents to pick up my sponsor pass. It was pretty intense trying to weave your way through the hordes of people who were just as clueless as I was about which line was which and who had the right pass. But, once all that was sorted, and I walked passed security and into the tents I felt a rush of energy and excited over ride the nerves and confusion. 
I quickly took my camera out to shart shooting all the amazing fashions just being worn by all the attendees. There were homemade clothes, beautiful vintage piece, and the highest of haute couture dresses being worn up and down the tents.
These two ladies had the most unique looks and were always my favorite people to seek out and see what they were wearing for the rest of the week. Hurray for being different and proud!
Bustling people scurrying around the sponsor booths getting free SWAG.
Waiting to go into the runway for the first time! It was really special having the sponsor pass and not having to struggle through the long lines of general admission. Definitely an experience I will never forgot and am so lucky to have been given.
Walking down the runway, side by side HOLT's giant neon lettering along the runway were really neat. The type nerd inside of me glowing (or was it just the lights lol). As cool as the type was, it made the clothes a little hard to see and kinda ruined the overall tones of some of the collections that didn't match the vibrant pastels that these letters were painted. But it was great to see people trying different things other than the traditional plain white runway.
Excited guests scrambling to find seats!
Robin Kay, the president of the FDCC, made a speech as she opened LG Toronto Fashion Week with its theme, "Canada Cool". She is one amazing woman. I love how brave and vintage inspired all her outfit were this week. The combination of fur and shimmering silk was great and her antique jewelry was large and in charge. It's really nice to see someone in that position wearing ambitious clothing. She definitely isn't someone who feels the need to dress down and stick to the safety of blacks.
The Holt Renfrew show was the first show of the week and kicked things off with a bang. The runway featured beautiful fashions from various different designers. It was a superb collaboration of spring stylings. Each designer's collection brought out a key trends for Spring 2012, there was something for everyone. Here are a few of my favorite call out pieces which represent the most popular trends I saw during the different shows. Keep these styles in your mind when rummaging through vintage and thrift bins if you wanna find the best pieces to keep on trend from Spring 2012.
Jeremy Laing's collection hit the runway first with a fluid showing of beautiful sheer fabrics, soft colors and fantastic draping. The delicate fabrics accented with belts and tailored detailings were lovely and allowed the seemingly plain outfits and silhouettes to seem complex.
Other than Gagnon (who was my favorite designers of the night/week), Smythe had the best showing! The neon jackets/blazers, inspired by menswear tailoring, are something I'm simply itching to get my hands on. Being a color enthusiast I was sooo happy to seem a plethora of bright, shiny fabrics dancing like little rainbows down the runway.
One of my unexpected obsessions from this week was my fascination and interest in all the menswear collections. The mens collections for Spring were sometimes much more interesting than the womenswear. They seemed more thought out and intricate. I'll be taking cues from these collections in my fall styling since so much of what I saw in those collections was so ubiquitous with whats already popular for fall/winter.
These red pants are amazing and I love the gray plaid pattern with the dress shirt and black bow tie.  Matching jacket and pants suits are so cute and perfectly vintage inspired.
(Above from Fashion from Naked & Famous and below from Wings & Horns)
TwentyCluny showed some incredible architecturally structured dressed. As the models walked the runway, the dresses seemed to change shapes in the lights and shadows.
And last, but not least, there was Denis Gagnon!.....But I'm going to save showing you his collection for later since his solo show was where his work really got to shine!
I'll be posting more on my favorite collections all week and hopefully you'll enjoy getting a backstage look at the fashions as well as my take on some of the new trends for Spring 2012. I'm going to try and pair each post with an outfit I either wore on the night or an outfit which was inspired by one of the collections I saw while at LGFW 2011.
Which one of these designer's collection did you like the best and suits your style? Who else followed the fashions during LGFW? Let me know what you'd love to see that perhaps you felt has been missing in all the other media coverage of the shows.
ttyl. xoxo

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