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Letter to the Broken and Abused

By Uglytruthis


I can not addict away the past. The more I try to run away from it the more it comes back full circle. Emotions are left completely Numb. I can not remember everything that happened, the nightmares are all that is left of these shattered memories.

The men that took advantage of me…haunt my dreams. In the back of my mind they scream. No amount of drugs could take away the pain that was felt. I did not say a word to the world. What they did not know is she was already dead…

Dear soul,

I see you hiding in the darkness, I can see the shame you carry in your bones.  So heavy and cold. Your eyes bloodshot in terror. They threatened your life if you dare ever spoke. They twisted the bible with every word, told you were going to hell. They beat you blue and left you alone in the woods…

They told you this was Gods fauilt…that he was not real and he would never save you. They filled your mind with lies about who you are. You were just a little girl…

I am so sorry they hurt you. It is not your fault. You don’t have to continue living with this guilt and condemnation of the past. There is hope in finding faith again. There is something bigger at work.

Hold on beautiful soul

Stay strong<3 you are not alone

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