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Let the Awards Begin...

By Myfilmproject09

Let the awards begin...
Well, it's time for the pre-pre-pre film awards and it's called The Hollywood Film Awards. It started with a guy named Carlos de Abreu. In case you don't know who he is (I didn't), he's married to Janice Pennington. 
Let the awards begin...
And if you don't know her, she was one of those models on The Price Is Right. She was "let go" for younger girls and filed a lawsuit. 
Anyways, they had the Hollywood Film Awards in a hall for awhile but this year, they gained some recognition because CBS is showing their awards show tonight, Friday, November 14. And it's also called "The Official Launch of the Awards Season".
In other words, we're going to see the Golden Globes (foreign entertainment reporters) and the actors guild (SAG), the writer's Guild (WGA) and numerous other little parties with awards leading up to the Oscars next February.
In fact, this year some of the Oscars were already given. They're the ones that get awards for camera mounts or special achievements.  You know, the ones where every TV viewer uses to go to the bathroom. 
According to the LA Times, the awards selection committee remains confidential. Awards consultants fiture it's Abreu and maybe his wife, Janice.  One interesting moment was an award for Quentin Tarentino's Django, which wasn't even released for several weeks.
But most of the actors in movies that might be oscar contenders are going to show up 
 anyways. As my director friend says of himself, "I'll show up for a supermarket opening".
So give it a watch, nothing else on and you'll get to see the stars wrestle for interviews.

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