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Lessons Learned from McDermott Footcare Clients

By Footcarenurse1

Lessons Learned from McDermott Footcare Clients

September 14, 2014

shutterstock_206475904Recently, McDermott Footcare celebrated our third anniversary of delivering caring, knowledgeable, quality, certified nursing foot care to Toronto and area clients whom we serve. It is a pleasure and an honor to provide excellent care to a growing number of delighted individuals.

Over the last three years, many people have benefited from McDermott Footcare’s certified nursing foot care services. And over the three years, they have taught us much about caring and respectful care for all.

Here are the lessons that we have learned from the people we serve:

  • It’s not just about the feet. Each McDermott Footcare client/patient has a unique life story. It is an honor to get to know each person served.
  • Clients/patients expect quality care delivered in a timely, professional, compassionate manner. McDermott Footcare is proud to meet these expectations.
  • Clients/patients often have other medically related questions that need an answer. McDermott footcare is qualified to answer all nursing related questions and provide additional teaching as needed. McDermott Footcare also provides consultation letters to the client’s /patient’s physicians as needed.
  • Clients /patients often have questions regarding day-to-day care of their foot related concerns, especially various nail conditions, care of corns and calluses, properly fitted shoes, and skin infections and rashes. McDermott Footcare provides clearly written, pertinent advice on the care of the feet as needed.

Thank you to the clients/patients who continue to place their trust in McDermott Footcare. It is an honor to serve you.To those whom we have not yet had the pleasure of providing excellent certified nursing foot care, McDermott Footcare looks forward to meeting you.

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