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Lego Mania.

By Matthewthompson @MatthewTNY

Lego is supposed to be one of the most popular toys not only among children but among adults as well. The first Legos appeared about 60 years ago in Denmark. Sooner the Lego gained its popularity all over the world. The toy has been developed and changed since. The original Lego pieces were of a simple rectangular form. Nowadays you may find Lego trees, people, vehicles and other different items. Moreover the company producers kits that allow you to build not only buildings and simple structures but more difficult constructions including ships, castles, vehicles. It is known that the company manufactures over 20 billion Lego pieces annually. Initially intended for children the toy become extremely popular among adults as well. Thus there are several online clubs for adult fans of Legos. Usually they share the pictures of their Lego masterpieces.

Some people are crazy about Legos and are ready to spend plenty of time creating their impressive and huge Lego structures. People are quite ingenious and manage to create large ships and vehicles that really impress. Sometimes there are contests held for Lego fans. Several years ago the company held a contest devoted to the anniversary of the brand. People from every corner of the world took part in the contest.

There are several Legolands in the world created for fans of the Legos. You may find these theme parks in Denmark (Billund), England (Winsdor), Germany (Gunzburg), USA (California and Florida) and Malaysia (Johor) as well. All of them have a variety of amusements for children including roller coasters. The Legoland in Malaysia was opened in September 2012 and it is the first and the only one Lego theme park in Asia. It has several areas including Miniland, The Beginning, Land of Adventure, Imagination, LEGO Kingdom, LEGO Technic, and LEGO City.

Lego mania.

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