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Lego Batman 2 PS3 Game Review

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

Holy Video Game, Batman!

Lego Batman 2 PS3 Game Review

Yeah, I know, that was kind of lame, but I couldn’t resist. Whenever I think of Batman, I think of Robin saying one of those cheesy holy-something-or-other Batmans. I loved watching that show. So I was pretty excited when I found out Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes video game was being released. My boys have loved the Lego PS3 games we already owned. They especially enjoyed the first Lego Batman game so I was sure they were going to love this one too.

They were jumping with anticipation as I loaded the game and got them their controllers. I let them have at it, like the old pros they are. The game is amazing, in true Lego’s fashion it makes Gotham City, Lex Luthor and The Joker fun and intriguing all at the same time. One of our favorite features is the fact that the boys can unlock other DC Super Heroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. The kids are so excited when they finally have a new character during free play.

Lego Batman 2 PS3 Game Review

They had a hard time with a few scenes and of course my husband was happy to jump in and help. He said it was a lot of fun to play. I like the fact that it is challenging, but not so hard as to make it impossible to succeed. This means the boys ask for it on a regular basis.

One of the other things that makes me like this game so much is that it has introduced the boys to Lego and DC Super Heroes. These are games, toys and characters that other children play with on a daily basis. Nico has taken such an interest in Batman and Legos that he specifically asked for a Batman Lego set for his birthday. And his uncle obliged with the Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City which ties in with the game. Why would I be so excited that the boys loved a video game, you may ask. It is really simple. For years Matthew wasn’t interested in any sort of character or game and it left him deficient when talking to his peers. They knew all about the latest super hero or video game, but he was never interested. Then along came Lego PS3 games and Matthew’s eyes were opened to the wonders his friends had known about for years. Now Matthew talks about all sorts of Lego PS3 characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Robin (one of his favorites), and all the Star Wars characters (they have several Lego Star Wars PS3 games too). And best of all, he talks with his classmates and the other kids on the bus, because not only does he know who these characters are, but he loves playing with them. He even has taken to bringing some of the Lego characters in the car with him. It really helps with social interaction when he has something in common with the other kids. So in our how, Lego Batman2 gets 4 (or more) thumbs up. Stay Well.

Lego Batman 2 PS3 Game Review

I was provided with a free copy of Lego Batman2 DC Super Heroes to review. All opinions are my own.

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